Holt: Who took the real bracelet?
Keven: I did.

Terry: Maybe I'll win this year!
Holt: Aw, the heist is already working. Sergeant Jeffords has recovered his sense of humor.

Amy: I would love to defend my crown after I destroyed you all last year.
Jake: Well, I mean, the proposal was all part of my plan.
Amy: All I remember is you bowing to me on your knees.
Jake: Yeah, I was asking you to marry me.
Amy: Well, you looked like a fool.

What if the reason we can't find the hacker, is that there is no hacker?


I'm not gonna destroy her. I actually want her back. I really love her, Jake.


Have you still not watched Killing Eve? I've told you about it so many times!


I should've done this last night, but I chickened out. We need to break up.


Holt: You need to focus because time is running out.
Jake: Oh yeah, that's what the F I'm talking about.

Rosa, come on. You can't break a mouse in half. Oh wow, you did. Scary. You really earned your rep.


You can use this. There are benefits to being underestimated.


Allister: A brain should be soft and wet.
Holt: I wanted to say that, but Jake told me not too!
Jake: Yeah! Because it's gross.

Say, "I am Raymond Holt and my brain is rock hard!"


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Quotes

I spent my whole life trying to beat David at something. But when you were in danger I just didn't care anymore. All I wanted was for you to be okay. I may never have the mantel, but it doesn't matter. Because I have you.


Amy: So, you think we can laugh about me poisoning you?
Capt. Holt: Yes, I do. Someday. Perhaps over street meat. (chuckles)
Amy: Sir, did you just laugh?
Capt. Holt: Uproariously.
Amy: Oh my God! It's happening!