Beckett: My gut say's it's not him, but we need to check his alibi.
Castle: Oh, so you don't believe in fate, but your *gut* has magical properties.

Castle: Surrounded my skeptics.
Esposito: Called being a cop bro.

Don't you believe in fate? Soul-mates? Unicorns? Faeries? Double-Rainbows?

Castle: I am not saying I can speak with the dead, just that there are people in the world more sensitive than me.
Beckett: Now that's not hard to believe.
Castle: Walked right into that one.
Ryan: uh huh.

Beckett: Don't think this means you won the bet. All we know its they are connected, not how.
Castle: I missed you, too.

Beckett: CIA is a popular choice with you.
Castle: Well yes. Law of averages demands I will eventually be right.

Lanie: I heard you made an interesting arrest today, want to talk about it?
Beckett: No.
Lanie: Ok, keep hold all that in, you're gonna get an ulcer.

Ryan: I almost shot Castle, what? He had a gun.
Esposito: should have let you shoot him, would have served him right for not calling.

Castle: You sound jealous.
Beckett: Jealous of you and your second ex-wife and publisher. Tell me does she make you do *everything* on a deadline?

She knew that I had a relationship with you... er... with the NYPD.

Ryan: Looks like he is back in the town.
Esposito: Nice of him to call.
Beckett: Ok, you guys can stop pining for your girlfriend, we got a body full of holes.

He really is ruggedly handsome.

Ryan (looking at cutout of Castle)

Castle Quotes

Castle: How do you know when you're in love?
Beckett: All the songs make sense.

I know I never would have gotten this far without you.

Beckett (to Castle)