Herrmann: Hey, guys, can I get you to do a favor for me?
Mouch: What is it?
Herrmann: Who cares what it is. It's a favor. You in or you out?
Boden: I'm in.
Herrmann: Thank you. Good.
Mouch: I'm gonna need more information
Boden: No, you're not.
Mouch: Okay, I'm in.

Gabby: Retraining? Retraining? Like everyday isn't retraining already? I should be the teacher of that class. Hell, I am the teacher! Name one thing they're gonna say to me that I haven't seen or done 100 times!
Matt: I can't. [shared looks]
Gabby: Look, if they want to pay me to sit in a warm classroom instead of freezing my ass off helping the citizens of Chicago, then be my guest.

Cruz: Hey! Lee Henry still alive?
Otis: Or do we need to send a search party out to the woods behind your house?
Herrmann: Oh, Lee Henry is actually a really smart kid. He's stupid as hell, but he's smart.
Kidd: Did -- did he hear what he said?

Anna [about dinner with Benny]: I'm ordering a bone-in ribeye and I'm going to learn all about Kelly Severide.
Kelly: That's what I'm afraid of.

I want to meet the old block that created this chip.

Anna [about Benny]

Rule number three -- Save lives first, worry about consequences later.

Gabby [to trainee]

You are a Herrmann before you are an American, which means *I* TELL YOU WHAT YOUR RIGHTS ARE!

Herrmann [to his son]

Herrmann [after his son is suspended for kneeling during the pledge of allegiance]: You help me understand this, Lee Henry.
Lee Henry: They raised the prices on the vending machines. And I'm free to exercise my first amendment rights however I want. Just like pro athletes!

Gabby [after the trainee breaks a patients ribs but saves his life]: Stupid kid.
Sylvie: What would you have done?
Gabby: Same thing.

Rule number two -- Take this job seriously when you have to, and that's it. Otherwise you won't last a year.

Gabby [to trainee]

Rule number one -- every successful run ends with junk food.

Gabby [to trainee]

You know, back in the day, we used to handle drug houses in a whole other way. Light a match, keeps the hoses dry. [smiles]


Chicago Fire Quotes

Might want to vacate that seat. Wars have been started over less.

Casey [to Kannall, who is sitting in Severide's chair]

Cruz: Wait, Walcott, wasn't there a shooting there last shift?
Otis: Mm. It's a turf war. The, uh, Western Posse's beefing with the 21 Naturals. [all turn to look at him] What? I follow the Drill Rap scene! Sue me.