Stella: You took my advice on Grissom.
Kelly: Of course I did. Your opinion is the one that matters most.

Casey: Thanks for letting me tap out. Those pep talks are harder than the look.
Boden: You did fine.
Casey: Did not.

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The thing is, you know, firefighters, they--they don't like to admit when they need help. It's just not in Otis' DNA. But, you know, maybe...we gotta push through all that. And...just be there for him. You know, no matter what.


Mouch [about Otis]: Maybe he's missing the robot. Maybe we bring the robot to the hospital.
Sylvie: I don't think...

Cordova: So, you two are married?
Gabby: Yeah. We got hitched last year.
Cordova: Guess they weren't kidding when they said the gang at 51 is close.

Cruz: Is this thing with Otis some kind of medical mystery? Why don't we have any answers yet?
Herrmann: Relax. This is Chicago Med. They're gonna figure it out.

Deputy District Chief. You know, I always figured that I'd ride out my career right here, Taking care of my men and the house that I helped build.


Gabby: Good to see you again, Cordova. [to Matt] We worked together for a few shifts when I was right out of training.
Cordova [fondly]: She had attitude right out of the gate.
Matt: Oh, not much has changed on that front.

Mouch: You were supposed to put the kibosh on this.
Herrmann: We were counting on you, Cruz.
Cruz: But can you blame me? I mean, who among us is cold-hearted enough to crush the spirits of those sweet women? [others walk out of the room] Seriously, though, who's cold-hearted enough? I can't eat this food again!

Capp: If they cook for us on Thursday, I'll quit.
Mouch: I'll kill myself.

Grissom: I wanted to give you a heads up.
Boden: Oh, am I in trouble?
Grissom: No. For once.

You and Severide? Please, even Capp could figure that one out.

Gabby [to Stella]

Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

You and Severide? Please, even Capp could figure that one out.

Gabby [to Stella]

Gabby [knowingly]: You and Severide are sleeping together.
Stella: Wow, that is some crazy witch level intuition you've got going on.