Gabby...Gabby...I want you to remember us happy. Together, holding each other. You were my miracle, Gabby. You were my miracle. I love you.

Casey [trapped in a fire]

Stay focused, Dawson. They're gonna make it. They always make it.


Gabby: I don't give a damn what you texted. That is not how marriage works, Matt. We don't text, we talk things out.
Casey: Talking involves listening, Gabby, and you're not doing that.

Herrmann: Don't let Cruz get to 'ya.
Mouch: It's not Cruz. It's me. I'm not what I used to be. I feel...old. What am I doing?
Herrmann: What you were born to do.

Cruz, get it together and find somewhere else. Or maybe find something else.

Severide [at Molly's, to a drunk Cruz]

Ramon: Excuse me, young lady, I have to see a man about a urinal.
Sylvie: [muttered] I don't want to get in the way of that. [to Gabby] Charming. As always.

Ramon: Gabriela, I can almost see the bottom of this glass.
Sylvie: We are gonna have to name that bar stool after you, Ramon.
Ramon: No greater honor can a man have.

Herrmann: Where are my baseball cards?
Cindy: The ones you sold?
Herrmann: What?
Cindy: Garage Sale 2002. You wanted to buy those cross country skis.
Herrmann: What cross country skis?
Cindy: The ones you sold in Garage Sale 2007 for the mountain bike we sold in 2010.

Great, I call the cops, they send an ambulance. If I had a heart attack, I'm sure they'd send the bacon.


Matt: I come home, and Ramon thinks he's Sigmund Freud because he's eating a bowl of Life cereal.
Severide [chuckles]: How long's he staying?
Matt: Ask my wife, because I can't.

Matt [about Ramon's demands]: This is crazy.
Gabby: Welcome to another episode of "The Dawsons."

Life, Matt. You can actually eat it up by the spoon.

Ramon [eating cereal on the couch]

Chicago Fire Season 5 Quotes

You want to know what I think when the bells go off? That there's a family out there and they're just like mine and they're counting on me to help them.


I don't know how you do it. Put your love for your kids aside and run into a burning building. That was different for me today.