Ethan: Hi, Madeline. How you doing?
Madeline: I'm okay. Helps that my doctor is oppressively handsome.
Jesse: And your nurse.

Ariel: I want to be sad. I'm allowed to do that.
Emily: Fine. Be sad. I'm not leaving.

Jesse: You got time for social media, you ain't doing your job.
Diego [arrogantly]: I can multitask.

Rox: I thought you just might need...
Ethan: A shoulder to cry on? No. Not really my style.

Rox: You needed a friend.
Ethan: Is that what we are? Friends?
Rox: The same thing that attracts me to you, terrifies me.

You're afraid if you start crying, you might never be able to stop. It's hard to imagine...but you will. I lost my family too. I know. The pain is almost too much to bear.

Leanne [to Owen]

That's why I'm selling that house. My son is living in his brother's coffin and he can't get out.


You need to talk to your husband. If he doesn't love you for who you are, he shouldn't be your husband.

Noa [to patient]

I'm sorry, but this is real life. And in real life, we are responsible for the people we care about. You can't just ignore him!

Leanne [to Ariel, about Max]

She doesn't want to see him because it hurts too much. You have to teach her it'll hurt more not to.

Jesse [to Leanne]

Angus: Campbell's been teaching me to own my decisions, to be more assertive, like him.
Guthrie [chuckles]: Son, if your goal is to become Will Campbell, good luck.
Angus: Thanks.
Guthrie: 'Cause that is never gonna happen. But if your goal is to become a great doctor, you have got to blaze your own trail. Remember who you are, young squire. It's the only way you're going to become who you're truly meant to be.

Guthrie: Medicine is not just a science, son, it's an art. It's a collaboration. We collaborate with our patients the same way we collaborate with each other.
Angus: I get it. I didn't listen to you.
Guthrie: No, you didn't hear me. It's different.

Code Black Quotes

Life Lesson. When asked if you want to examine your patient some more, it's like being asked if you want a breath mint. The answer is always yes.

Jesse Salandar

We're not their friend, their family, or their shrink. We're their doctor. He gets confused.

Dr. Leanne Rorish