You will just have to learn to shoot with your left hand.


I am the decider now, I get to decide this case and this is how it is now.


Dan: Stay ready.
Travis: So you don't have to get ready.

Travis: Trudy is OG.
Wes: What's that mean? Old and Grimey?

Wes: You know you can report him for sexual harassment?
Travis: Thanks for your support.

Wes: You can take the joy out of anything.
Travis: Thank you.

I'm not gonna gloat about it. I'm just simply gonna say....TOUCHDOWN!


You hate it--- Which makes me like it more.


Not everyone wants to see their breath indoors.


I thought that if I really cared about it, it would really messy me up when I finally had to leave.


You go through staplers almost as fast as you go through women.


I am a positive ion in the universe.


Common Law Quotes

If he takes care of you the way he takes care of that car, then you're one lucky lady.

Mechanic [about Wes]

Travis: We hate people who don't help people when they ask for directions.
Wes: We also hate gun runners.