I'm gonna take turns crying on both of you.


His smile lights up the world.


It's not nice to test friends when they don't know they are being tested.


Grayson: Wow! That was insane. He was literally sitting on my face!
Jules: He's never had much feeling in his butt.

If it's any constellation that hat was so big you could probably make a thousand tiny ones.


Worst liar ever.


Yes, I got that from a Sandra Bullock movie, but ya know, I still mean it.


Jules: It's not like I was super cool.
Travis: Is that you dancing on stage with Bruce Springsteen?
Jules: Yeah that was super cool.

I love it - it's like we're in prison.


Holy big hat, I love it - hides so much of your face.


Jules: You suck at musical beers.
Grayson: This is my bar damn it.

Do me a favor at graduation; don't make a crazy big deal about it.


Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Drinking keeps women skinny!


Jules: Grayson and I are like pools - we're still just sticking our toes in each other. Grossest thing I ever said.
Grayson: I'm gonna go throw up.