I hope I NEVER pee this out!


Old Ferrett eyes is like four centimeters dilated right now.


If someone is really the one, they should be willing to go on any adventure.


Grayson: The idea of us all vacationing together is so bad, I'm making up a word: gagbysmal.

No one who says "coolie" is cool. That's why Coolio is named Coolio.


I don't believe in ghosts, because if they were real I'd like to think that I would be felt up all the time.


Tom is our interhouse-shuttle. I pay him with head pats.


Stop being a parade rainer-onner. We're taking a group vacation!


Jules: This is the first time on this trip it's been just the ladies.
Ellie: It's an embarrassment of bitches.

Andy: Is that the candle holder from the room?
Jules: Forget about it.

Ellie: It's for the lady who likes to lounge by the pool, but also get paid for sex.
Laurie: You can do that? Is that a job?

Oh my God! I want to snort this!


Cougar Town Season 2 Quotes

Plus, I get to lean on my Gracieship.


Travis: I don't get it how is that a drinking game?
Jules: We drink while we do it.