Cooper: Youíre going to go with Gina to the morgue. Sheís at her sisters swearing in ceremony.
Griffith: Judges, General, the FBI, that family scares me.

Cooper: Friendly advice; it doesn't pay to stare to deeply into the abyss
Fickler: Says the man who does it for a living.

Cooper: You really want to be the guy who is standing between the Director of the FBI and his God-Daughter?
Luca: [shakes head] No.

Cooper: It was a clean shot
Griffith: It was; it was my first.
Cooper: You didn't have a choice, you saved Mick's life.

Fickler: Son of bitch, how many minutes out are we?
Cooper: Jack, my team, we got this.
Fickler: To attached Jack, will find her

Griffith: Who do we profile, Jekyll or Hyde?
Cooper: We are going to profile Hyde.

Prophet: You sure I am the right choice for that boss?
Cooper: Positive.

Rawson: Are you going to move some stuff in now?
Griffith: What is it with you and stuff?

Griffith: Why do you look like you used my toothbrush to clean the toilet? Did You?
Prophet: [Showing new desk] If you're going to be the boss sometimes, you need an actual desk.
LaSalle: This is the first time I have ever seen you not know what to say Beth.

Prophet: You ever wear one of these [hands Kevlar vest]
Armis: You think it's necessary?
Prophet: I think it will go better with that suit than a bullet hole.

Cooper: Penelope, we do not have a lot of time.
Garcia: A hopeless case with no time, that's my speciality

Cooper: You're probably a better profiler than I will ever be.
Veronica: You think so?

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Quotes

the good thing about flying at 2am, is no traffic at the airport.


David: Why not kill me and get it over with?
Simms: I killed a guy like you once, it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.