Son: Do you think she is alive?
Sam: [long pause] I have to assume she is.

No one has come forward for Jane. How is someone so young so alone in the world?


See a little Garcia goes along way


Beth: I have been transferred between departments about 800 times; I still don't have an emergency contact.
Cooper: Put me down.
Beth: You're my boss, and I am not certain that anyone besides yourself would look for me.
Cooper: That may have been true before, but not now.

Hey Coop, thanks for letting me win.


This is the situation, you and the unsub locked eye to eye. Who is going to blink? You or him?


This sniper versus sniper is not working, he is winning.


Beth: These are yours, you were supposed to have read them; and you're not getting my vote.
Prophet: Salt in the Wound eh?
Beth: He deserves it.

Gina: This is why I don't want a family.
Cooper: Family is the only real thing we have.

Cooper: I want you and Mick to head there.
Beth: Absolutely, I love road trips [hangs up cell phone] I hate road trips.

Rawson: You every have trouble sleeping Coop?
Cooper: Isn't that part of the job?

Hey, you want to know about fringe wackos, I am your girl.


Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Quotes

the good thing about flying at 2am, is no traffic at the airport.


David: Why not kill me and get it over with?
Simms: I killed a guy like you once, it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.