Cooper: This kid was nowhere near the blast site.
Griffith: Right profile, wrong kid.

Garcia: You want me to find if there were any bombs set off around Fredericksburg?
Cooper: You read my mind.
Garcia: That's a dark and mysterious place.

He is telling us he is not done yet, there are going to be other bombs.


Mick: I tend to excel at certain things.
Gina: We will have to ask Lisa about that
Mick: I am pretty sure it's Elise
Beth: I am pretty sure it's irrelevant

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Detective: How does someone turn something so noble into something so evil?
Cooper: She lost her way.
Detective: I don't know what compass she was using.

Cooper: She made this giant public display because she is trying to talk to us.
Detective: What is she trying to say?
Cooper: I. Am. Not. Done.

Officer: You call someone who cuts out someone's eyes as "normal."
Simms: He said "Looks normal" brother, you don't see psychotic coming.

Cooper: You almost never say what I think you are going to say.
Griffith: That is my mystique.

If you're in pitch blackness all you can do is sit tight until your eyes get use to the dark.


Griffith: He does not win; he spends the rest of his life in jail, solitaire confinement. We stopped a murder that is about as clear a victory as you're going to get.
Cooper: Yeah.

Cooper: Typical he is able to control women who are wounded; he won't be able to hand a strong opinionated one.
Griffith: Me? I'd be delighted.

His power makes him arrogant; I am going to take it away from him.