Garcia: Seriously? You know the entire time that I've known you you are like the glistening hero in the movie of life. And now, just because some guy, some asshat guy decides to call you out by name you think you have the right to get all weird and decide that this time it's personal. Really, Derek? Did you ever stop to think that said asshat is exhibiting this behavior just to get under your skin?
Morgan: As a matter of fact I have.
Garcia: Alright, well a real hero would roll with that instead of tripping over his gigantic ego. And as a wise black man once told me, "Baby girl, you be trippin." So I tell you what, why don't you call me back once you've gotten off the self-absorption train and decide to be a real hero. The kind that Cindy is waiting for. I am hanging up on you!

Dr. Reid: [The Company is] a Sado-Masochistic role play scenario. A game, essentially, in which a cabal of men tell their submissives they can trade their slaves at their whim if you displease your master or try to escape, The Company will find you, kill you, and kill your family.
Agent Hotchner: The voluntary submissives understand that it's just a fantasy. But Malcolm Ford has gotten Cindy to believe that it's real.

Agent Prentiss: So your cousin fled Chicago eight years ago because a coworker was stalking her?
Agent Morgan: Yeah a guy named John Hitchens. Cindy and Yvonne came to me and asked me if they should be worried. Her emails and phone log showed classic stalker behavior.
Dr. Reid: Multiple messages every hour. Gifts he sent which she later returned. That would enrage a stalker.
Agent Morgan: But until they become violent, they're smart enough to skirt the law.

Agent Morgan: Look, I need to come clean about something. I lied about someone being dead.
Agent Hotchner: What do you mean?
Last year, that fisherman UnSub who was dumping the bodies in the Atlantic claimed that my cousin was one of his victims.
Hotch: Falsely, you deduced that he'd never met her.
Morgan: I told my family it was him. Cindy had been missing for eight years and my aunt needed closure. And even though I kept looking, I lied because I wanted my family to move on. But now there's evidence she's alive.

Agent Morgan: But why these particular women? They have nothing in common.
Agent Rossi: What if each victim has to look a certain way?
Morgan: He'd want to find a real-life match. And he'd be willing to travel to get to her.

JJ: The UnSub didn't submerge the victims in water to torture them, it was some sort of a test?
Reid: With death being the only possible outcome.
Hotch: Well if he believes he's killing witches, he probably thinks he's a vigilante or a protector against evil of some sort.
JJ: But laying the victims out the way he did could be a message to the devil.
Rossi: A victory and a warning, like putting a head on a spike.
Reid: He's not worshiping the devil, he's trying to fight him.

Morgan: What about the 11 on the end?
Reid: To many occultists, 11 is symbolic of Lucifer.
JJ: OK I thought we were moving away from satanic killings.
Hotch: Apparently we need to reconsider.
Reid: There's gotta be some sort of connection to the devil here.

Agent Rossi: Emily, you asked earlier if she's going to a Renaissance fair. There could be something to that.
Prentiss: Based on the dress there could be more of a connection to history than to the occult.
Reid: Renaissance fairs typically replicate 16th century England. They've surged in popularity since they began in the 1960s.
Garcia: And it's not just a bunch of nerds in costumes eating turkey legs, you guys.
Hotch: Well that different time is somehow very important to this UnSub.

Agent Morgan: Judging by all the graffiti, this place isn't exactly locked down.
Garcia: According to local PD, they said that vandals and vagrants have been breaking in.
Agent Rossi: Which means that she could've been killed elsewhere and placed here.
Dr. Reid: She had limestone underneath her fingernails, but limestone wouldn't have been used when this asylum was built. So she was obviously held somewhere else.
Agent Prentiss: The bottom line is that the UnSub transported her hundreds of miles from her hometown for a reason.
Hotch: We need to just find out what that reason is. Wheels up in 30.

Dr. Reid: Her maternal rights must've been terminated.
Garcia: Yeah, that happens when you have sex with one of your high school students two years ago. His name is Thomas Brown, aka Tommy Brown, and he is little Johnny's baby daddy. Like, for real.
Agent Hotchner: Teacher Love syndrome.
Garcia: She gave birth to Tommy's baby in jail, and then when Tommy's mom refused to raise it, the baby was put in foster care.

Agent Prentiss: We also believe that something in the last few days has triggered her to believe that killing is the only way she was going to be able to obtain a child. Consequently the foster families that did not have a child in their care when she visited were victims.
Agent Rossi: Because all of these families recently had children, we believe our UnSub is motivated by maternal desire.

Agent Morgan: The reading light is still on, so the UnSub was looking for something.
Dr. Reid: But there aren't any magazines or newspapers around which means it was important enough to take him out of killing mode.
Morgan: For a spree this UnSub sure is patient.
Reid: He's so patient but what is it that he's waiting for?

Criminal Minds Season 7 Quotes

Agent Rossi: Have you ever been in the field?
Senator Cramer: I have, but I'm not the one on trial here.
Rossi: Then maybe you can imagine what it was like to find Emily Prentiss dying at the hands of Ian Doyle. Now ask yourself, was it wrong for him to want to take him out?

Garcia: This would've been a heck of a lot easier had he gone digital.
Morgan: Garcia there's an art to this. This guy was meticulous, definitely a control freak.
Garcia: Yeah, he's dead. He couldn't control that.