I tossed him in the briar patch so he could learn how to get out of it.


An eye for an eye just makes both people blind.


Seeing you pay will prove there's still a little bit of justice in the world.


People from Texas are way too friendly. It fries my nerves.


I just never pegged you as the type to have his wife do his bidding.

John Ross

You are a lot like your Daddy. All hat and no cattle.


Funny how life always seems more complicated than you think it will be, especially in this family.

John Ross

You should have known that JR. wouldn't let two billion barrels of oil slip through his hands.

John Ross

Here drink this and get out.


I'm going to take you down, brother.


I'm taking back what should have been mine in the first place.


JR: Daddy use to say beautiful woman are the most dangerous.
Bobby: I know all the things Daddy use to say.

Dallas Season 1 Quotes

I ain't a virgin but i ain't a whore either.


I've got family business to attend to before anybody knows I'm dying.