God will always save us.


Oh, look! The most meteoric rise since Christ on the third day.

Florence de Reignier

Étienne: I hope to see who you become in the future.
Victoire: I’m Victoire.
Étienne: You’re victorious.

Tell your husband -- the higher he rises, the higher I will climb until I bring him down.


Victoire: Find peace, Camille. Please, for me.
Camille: After tonight.
Victoire: Then let me help you dress for your battle.

Jean de Merteuil: Do you know the thing about power, Marquise? It corrupts all of those who have it. Can you imagine what that does to the soul?
Camille: It makes you capable of anything.

Mere mortals do not go to the sun.


Jacqueline de Montrachet: You’ve accused me previously of being loveless.
Henri de Montrachet: I didn’t mean it as a challenge!

I am sick with love. I wanted to possess you, to fling you down upon a bed, to hold you in my arms, to walk with you beside a river, lay flowers on your pillow for when you wake.


Do not turn compassion into torture.

Jean de Merteuil

Chevalier Saint-Jacques: Why did I believe Valmont could save me?
Camille: Because he needs us to believe it fills the great dark abyss we mistake for his heart.

Perhaps the real crime is that men do not suffer for their own failings, only the failings of their wives.

Madame Berthe

Dangerous Liaisons Quotes

Pascal: Didn’t I promise you the brightest future when I took you on here?
Azolan: You did, though it still remains too bright to see with the human eye.

You are my glorious release. Desire has made me fearless, and reckless with my reputation.