I never lied about loving Hope. She's the best thing that ever happened to me.


There's not a damn thing I can charge him with. I can't prosecute a man for thinking about killing someone.


I should have known, right, that it would never happen because I don't deserve it. I'm so stupid. This is payback. I have done horrible things to people, really terrible things, and sooner or later it all comes back to you.


I am not cold and cunning. I am unreadable and sly.


Maggie: If this is true, I can't help thinking that part of this is my fault.
Victor: What are you talking about?
Maggie: Because I abandoned her when she was just a few days old.

For pity's sake, John. A criminal history? She worked as a con artist. That hardly makes her a kidnapper.


Claire: That's so sad.
Doug: Yes it is. But that's what we do to protect our children and our grandchildren.

Justin, a tie in a gym bag is not enough to put me in prison, and you know it. Now look, I know what you're trying to do here. You're trying to come up with some evidence you can use to keep me locked up. Well here is the truth. I did not do it. I wouldn't. I couldn't. I would never try to kill a woman that I love!


Everything is pointing to Summer.


I am trying to stay strong, Mom. I am. But every minute that goes by, I'm just... scared.


Andre: Why would I do that?
Chad: Why do you do anything? To make people suffer.

Summer: You think I can never change.
Brady: I think that you didn't.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Put me on probation.


Kate: I think our protection really is that there's no way that even Stefano wants to explain to his grandchildren that he had their mommy and grandmama rubbed out.
Sami: Aw, the old softie.