You don't have facts. You have opinions.


You are going to follow the law on this one, Roman. To the letter.


Why should he confess to something he didn't do?


Sorry. I have a lot doing somersaults in my head. Like, Victor kidnapping Tate.


I told you not to mess with the guy. Deimos is one endless supply of bad news.


Jack: I'm not going to stand around here and watch the bravest girl I know self-destruct.
Jen: Ok, that's fine. Because that's what you do anyway. You go. So just go.

Chad: I loved your sister.
JJ: You killed my sister!

JJ: How do we know you're not making this up so the police will stop looking for her?
Chad: Why the hell would I do that?
JJ: Cause you're always trying to get to her first, Chad!
Chad: You know what? She wouldn't have had to run if you people didn't want to put her in that state institution!

Aiden: Officer Doza, right?
Doza: Mr. Doza now. And you're the shyster lawyer who just came back from the dead.

I'm the DA. I could threaten to prosecute him for withholding information, see how he reacts.


What are you telling me? Are you saying that my wife is dead?


No, you're right, if this was the old Abigail. Before she was terrorized by Ben, she would have done anything to let me know that she was okay.