You know, some people are good with just a little bit of mean. Not you. You're mean, mean, mean.


Kate: I'm going to find the responsible party. As long as I'm CEO I'm going to do everything to protect the Dimera legacy, at all costs.
Chad: I'm sure you will, but I don't want anybody to get hurt.

Adrienne: How is it that after all these years, all these kisses, it still feels fresh and new?
Justin: I was wondering that myself.
Adrienne: It's gonna be different this time, you know?
Justin: The kissing?
Adrienne: All of it.
Justin: What was so wrong with what it was before?
Adrienne: It didn't last. That was what was wrong before, remember?
Justin: Mmm hmm. Well it's gonna last this time. That I promise.
Adrienne: Well, I'm gonna hold you to it. I'm serious, Justin. This is it for me. No more breaking up and starting over again.

Chad: Theo never makes careless mistakes when playing chess.
Kate: Everyone makes mistakes.
Chad: Theo doesn't.

Justin: You and Lucas broke up because of me?
Adrienne: When I went to see Lucas, he wanted the truth so I gave it to him.
Justin: What is the truth?
Adrienne: That when you came into that prison to rescue me, we kissed. Everything changed.

Susan: Now why would I know anything about your son?
Sami: 'Cause we believe that Stefano's man, Dr. Rolf, was hired to bring Will back to life.
Susan: So?
John: So we know Dr. Rolf was receiving payments from someone at this address.
Marlena: Was that someone you?
Sami: Of course it was! It had to be you! Did you do it? Did you hire Rolf? Is Will alive?

I knew today was supposed to be my first day back, but I didn't come back to work. I came back to quit.


Theo: Kate? You here? Guess not.
Chad: Theo!
Theo: Hey Chad.
Chad: What's up? What're you doing here?
Theo: Um, you know. I just, uh... Have you heard any news on Will Horton?
Chad: No news yet. Sonny got hurt searching for clues... but... that's why you came here today, to ask me that?
Theo: Uh, yeah, yeah. And do you have time to play a game of chess?

Paige: JJ? This is where we first met. Remember?
JJ: Who are you?
Paige: I just told you.
JJ: That's impossible. I'm the one who found her. I was holding her, begging her to come back to me, but she was already gone.
Paige: I don't know what happened that night. All I know is I'm here now. Would you please hold me again?

Dammit! This is my house not the Salem fight club. You two want to bash each other's brains in, find a more appropriate location, like a parking lot or a back alley. After all the nonsense that Bonnie Lockhart has put us through I think I deserve a little peace and quiet around here, don't you?


Victor: You know, he's in this grave because Nicole killed him. She tried to kill me. Maybe now that she's gone, you'll live longer.
Brady: Maybe.
Victor: Or not. All the animosity between me and my brother was because of a woman. You could've killed Eric today, followed in my footsteps. You always said you didn't want to end up like me. I'm starting to think you've changed your mind.

Eric: You threatened her, didn't you? What did you say to make her leave?
Brady: No, I didn't. She left because she wanted to. Just like she left Lucas. Just like she left Victor. Just like she left me. Your little Nicole is a selfish, lying slut.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

I hope she didn't run away again. She's so fragile.


Tripp: So how was the wedding?
Claire: Oh, it was a typical Salem wedding. Crashed by a murderer.