Carrie: Mother, Tony is dead. Has been that way for a long time. Tell her Austin.
Austin: Guy's a goner.

I'll draw you a family tree later.


I have resolved to stop avoiding things that I really loved just because I'm worried something is going to go wrong.


Abigail: The light from ordinary would take about 8 million years to reach us.
Chad: Let's get some wine, chat, talk about how my dad came back from the dead a week after my wife.

Oh Anna, honey, you're in an alleyway in a foreign city with a gun and your husband's ashes. Can you hear that as a cry for help?


Marlena: Note to self: I've got to kill Roman.

Gabi: It was just weird, hearing someone else tell you how heroic you are when you could have told me.
JJ: Since we're not together anymore, why would I have told you?

JJ: You remind me of another little girl. Her name is Arianna. I'd move heaven and Earth to keep her safe.
Lady: Well, whatever the reason, no one deserves this promotion as much as you.

Chad: We can't stay holed up in the house forever. You have no reason to hide anymore.
Abby: Except for the fact that I did start that fire at Shady Hills and that cop that questioned me was not exactly sympathetic.
Chad: We're gonna deal with it together and make it go away.

Claire: Thank God you're still here.
Ciara: Just text me whatever it is and I'll read it later. I'm, like, totally wiped out.
Claire: No no no, this is way too serious to text. Theo and I just caught.
Ciara: Oh, don't tell me...
Claire: Yeah. Valerie Grant found the bug we planted in her bag and she's on the warpath.
Ciara: Well, Theo never would have spied on Dr. Grant if you hadn't put that lame idea in his head!

Then I found out what JJ did. And he [Chad] didn't lie to me and he made me feel I deserved better.


Maybe you'd rather be with a different guy.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

You can go and tell your little boy that if he minds his manners, minds his Ps and Qs that maybe I'll let him come by and visit his daughter once in a while.


Victor: What the hell happen to you?
Theresa: I broke my ankle.
Victor: Eh, I would have thought your kneecaps would be the first to go.