I didn't want this. Not gettin' 'em, not gettin' rid of them.


The baby means you're gonna get rid of us, doesn't it?


Tulsa: You don't have to do what you're gonna do, OK? I will be good. I will be better than good. I promise.
Roger: I know you will. I thought about that. You just got too old.

I think judgment is something people turn to when they're scared or they don't understand. I don't scare easy, and I would like more than anything to understand what you're going through.


You know, I hate labels, and here I am trying to give myself one.


That's right. There's not a manual for how to save hostages when one's your wife, is there? So I'm gonna write it! Ya hear me?!


This isn't quite the Valentine's I had planned for ya.


David: I'm sorry it came to this, doc, but I ain't sorry I'm gonna live.
Paula: Make it count.

Bill: Your honor. If I may approach.
Judge: You may not!
Bill: Well, the bailiff won't stop me. He works for me.

Joseph: Every part of me is telling me that Matthew is innocent. All I'm asking you to do it look into it.
Bill: I can't do that on gut instinct alone.
Joseph: Really? Because that is the one thing that you taught me to trust.

Bill: Honey, you're missin' somethin'. If you leave, is the hospital better off?
Paula: Probably not.
Bill: You're damn right it isn't.
Paula: That's pretty sage advice, Sheriff Hollister.
Bill: We've all got bosses we got to deal with.
Paula: You don't!
Bill: Now, you know that's not true.

Dad: Can you believe they made my son a sheriff? [laughs] Boy, I always knew he had it. Hey, could you do me a favor and tell him I said hi? Ask him to stop being so cocky around me. I don't know why he does that. Will you remember that?
Bill: I'll do that, sir.

Deputy Quotes

This is like that Brady Bunch episodes. Do remember? When they make Greg the rock star because he fits the suit? Well, I'm Johnny Bravo. And it didn't end well.


I'm a lawman. Never took a dime. Never put my hands on somebody unless I had to. Never pulled the trigger when there was another way. You want to hunt gangsters? Human traffickers? Well, I'm your huckleberry. But you're asking me to drag families from their homes so you can eat from the federal trough. When'd you lose your way, Jerry?