Look, man. You had my back, and from now on, we're gonna have yours.


There's a plant in the DA's office.


I've been waiting 15 years for this, Mags. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.


Cade: I haven't touched it yet.
Bill: But you walked your ass in here, sat down and ordered. I'd say you're half in the bag.

Bill: You've grown into a beautiful, smart, and fierce woman. In other words, a Hollister -- and a Reyes. I'm so proud to be your father, Maggie. I love you.
Maggie: I love you, too, Daddy. Thank you.

Paula: You know what you are?
Bill: What's that?
Paula: You're the hero no one saw coming. Except me.

Cade: What's up, kiddo?
Roberto: We don't want to live with Grandma. We want to live with you.
Cade: Hey, listen. Don't you guys worry about that, OK? Leave it up to me and Teresa because we're gonna fight tooth and nail so you guys can keep living with us. You want to know why? Because we're a family, and nothing's going to change that. Nothing.

Riley: I'd rather be effective than popular.
Bill: Sorry, Carol. That's my brand.

Sleeping with your stepmom? I'm pretty sure there's a rule for this kind of thing, Oliver.


Come on, Bish, gimme the dish.


I'm not exactly a philosophical guy. I take things as they are. Once you start thinking about things as the ought to be, well, that's dangerous territory, especially for a lawman. But then there's the other side, accountability. Now, I've had plenty to say about this department, where it is now, where it's headed, but there's 10 million people in this county. Maybe it's time for them to speak. Let the chips fall where they may.


Bill: Everybody keeps telling me I've got to become a politician. You know I can't do that.
Curtis: You're already are, Bill, just not the kind that they're used to. Everyone's supposed to be this or that, left of right. You've never been anything but Bill. That's why you're gonna win.

Deputy Quotes

This is like that Brady Bunch episodes. Do remember? When they make Greg the rock star because he fits the suit? Well, I'm Johnny Bravo. And it didn't end well.


I'm a lawman. Never took a dime. Never put my hands on somebody unless I had to. Never pulled the trigger when there was another way. You want to hunt gangsters? Human traffickers? Well, I'm your huckleberry. But you're asking me to drag families from their homes so you can eat from the federal trough. When'd you lose your way, Jerry?