Betty: But if I'm wrong about her, that means I'm not wrong. That there IS a her, that I'm not crazy! Why don't you just admit it? There's no reason not to, now. Was. I. Imaging. It.
Dan: No. I'm in love with her.
Betty: K. Was I ever imagining it?
Dan: No. You were right the whole time. [Betty laughs out loud]

Betty: Are you sleeping with her?
Dan: Why would you even ask me that?
Betty: Are you?
Dan: If this is where your head goes if you don't get your way, that's the real problem. You should get some professional help for that.
Betty: A lawyer would say that you still haven't answered the question.
Dan: I am not sleeping with Linda Kolkena. I haven't, and I'm not.

Friend: Why are we always talking about Knots Landing?
Karen: Well, if you watched it, you would know.
Janet: Um because it's Friday?
Friend: I wish I cared about anything as much as they care about that show.

Betty: You want out? I moved you out. Poof! You sonofabitch. I wanted to surprise you. To surprise my husband, who wasn't even there. Who just left for the whole day with her.
Dan: They got me a cake.
Betty: They? Who's they?!
Dan: The office did. Then Linda took me to lunch by the courthouse WITH Ron and Walker! And I went to a hearing at 1:30 because work doesn't care that it's my birthday. I have no idea where she went. I have no idea how to fix this, Bets. I can't prove that something's not true, that it doesn't exist. I can't prove that I'm not doing something that you seem to want me to be doing. If I can't prove it, then what happens to us?

Gaslighting. It's named after a famous motion picture in which a man who wants something from a woman pretends to be her friend, marries her, but in fact, is her enemy. And in the process being very kind to his victim, but in truth in every money, he is undermining her sanity.


They begin to say if I couldn't judge this thing which was part of my life every day for years, if I misread so many things, accepted so many lies, how can I believe that I know anything at all.


What is not understood is that the more the lying goes on, the more brainwashing, as someone is told over and over something is not true that is in fact true, the more pressure the victim is under.


I appreciate your honesty, but I've been miserable for years, and I'm doing this the way I want to do it. And you're right. It's not your business.


The date of separation has to be ratified through a two-part test. First, physical separation of spouses as in one has moved out of the family home, and second, at least one spouse must have intent to end the marriage. If these two conditions are met, court will order reimbursement of any and all traceable funds expended on the other spouse from that date forward. Such as when someone makes a downpayment on a new house that they never intended to live in.


But unless something is extended to the victim that says you're not crazy, this has happened. You're not wrong to have these feelings of absolute unsupport, self-hatred, anger toward everyone, but here they are, let's go on. As long as there is no resolution for the victim at all, healing does not take place.


In fact, that was the problem. They were taken off the market, pressure cookers. Eventually, the tended to explode.


Dan: Why aren't you dressed? Didn't you speak to Evelyn? You know she's going. Everybody's going!
Betty: Is that what I should say to Yvonne? Everybody's going, so I have to, too?