I was able to move on from Deb because I found you.

Grayson [to Jane]

Would I swap my this life for my old life? You're asking me this on the night before my wedding?

Jane [to Luke]

If you ask me, Grayson isn't the one who's stuck in the past, you are.


I don't know how, but I'm gonna find a way to get out of heaven and when I do there's gonna be hell to pay.

Real Jane

You know what they say, the only person more important than the bride is the bride's mother.


I told you it's bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding. And according to us weekly that's what broke up Sandra Bullock and Jessie James.


You are story stealing, pake faking, fake flirting terrorist!


Jane, a troll is trying to steal my pakery!


She's like The Terminator of office romances.

Terri [about Kim]

It's like watching a Hoarder's marathon, I'm repulsed but I can't look away.


Do celebs really have the right to gripe?

Nancy Grace

I need to blend humility and confidence. Two parts Meryl Streep, one part Katie Couric.


Drop Dead Diva Season 4 Quotes

I also heard that the firm is having financial problems and it's up to you to save us all. Must be like trying to save the Titanic.

Jane [to Kim]

I haven't stopped thinking about Jane since she left for Italy.