Morales: Did anyone threaten your husband?
Mrs. Powers: No one who knew him would have bothered wasting their time.
Morales: He didn't scare easily?
Mrs. Powers: He didn't scare at all. Marcus lived by principles and beliefs.

Morales: How much sleep are you getting, working two jobs?
Killian: I get enough. You know, Martha Stewart gets by on three hours a night.
Morales: That's a good role model for you. Maybe you can learn cake decorating in your spare time.

I'm not saying we can't start up again, but Andre, you have a lot going on, and I don't think it's good for either of us to be involved right now.


Morales: Did you know Marcus Powell?
Ayers: I knew of him. I knew enough to know why they wanted to get rid of him.

Regina: This is a closed practice.
Guy: Since when?
Regina: I want to keep the athletes focused and can't have any distractions.
Guy: Funny, no one else seems to have a problem with it.
Regina: I didn't catch your name.
Guy: That's cause I didn't throw it.

Quinlan: Dre'man lives in 1-W.
Killian: You doing your own ret-con now?
Quinlan: Wouldn't you, if you lived here?
Killian: I wouldn't live here, for starters.

Savannah: I was meeting someone else, all right?
Morales: Who?
Savannah: I ain't got to tell you.
Morales: This isn't a social call, Savannah. It's a homicide investigation. That means you're gonna give us names.
Savannah: Unless I want to talk to Johnnie Cochran.
Killian: He's dead.
Savannah: Or whoever. Someone like him.

Sandeford: I'll never get used to these shoes.
Bentley: Why not?
Sandeford: They don't take a shine.
Bentley: You saying you don't want to be comfortable on foot patrol?
Sandeford: I'm not saying they're not comfortable. I'm just saying, when you look good you tend to do better at your job.

Suarez: I don't think there's a lot I can do.
Mrs. Suarez: You could call your brother.
Suarez: Not for nothing, but he could call me too.
Mrs. Suarez: So you don't call him and he doesn't call you?

Bentley: Sorry to call you out here for nothing.
Regina: It's all right. Anytime shots are fired in a place where two of my officers are living, I need to know about it.

Bentley: When you were talking with Sandeford in the break room, it wasn't about funny videos, was it?
Quinlan: I wanted to know if you were okay.
Bentley: If you want to know if I'm okay, ask me.
Quinlan: I do ask you, all the time.
Bentley: I don't want to be asked all the time. I don't want to be looked at with concern. If anyone asks you, tell them I'm fine.
Quinlan: Okay! Why are you yelling at me?
Bentley: I'm sorry.
Quinlan: Andre, what can I do?
Bentley: Nothing.

Bentley: I wouldn't mind a foot post.
Sandeford: You think this is gonna be like Abbott and Costello?
Bentley: I don't even know who any of those people are.

East New York Quotes

Rookie: Who's that guy?
Supervisor: He shows up wherever there's cameras.

Salon Worker: Big day for you, huh? You the boss now.
Hayward: I'm A boss. There are lots of bosses. I have a boss.