Regina: I'll hear their concerns but implementing this policy doesn't hinge on them.
Yenko: I'll find a diplomatic way to say that. Look, I believe in what you're doing but you might not be prepared for the amount of pushback you're going to get.
Regina: I have the support of Chief Suarez, if it's politically advantageous I'll have the support of Sharpe, and I just might have the support of the people of East New York.

I never agreed to let Sharpe set departmental policy.


Sharpe: Regina Haywood isn't the one running for mayor.
Suarez: If she is successful, there will be plenty of credit to go around.
Sharpe: And if she's not, there will be plenty of blame.

Suarez: I didn't know what my day would be like. Now I'm going to spend it answering for you.
Regina: But you do agree it's worthwhile to give it a try?
Suarez: Yes, but...
[Suarez leaves.]
Yenko: At least we got him on principle.

With all due respect, seeing five cops reading their phones doesn't make us feel safe.


Regina: Here you go, Jamal. $85,000.
Jamal: Oh my God.
Regina: You didn't deserve to go to prison and you didn't deserve to get robbed.
Jamal: I didn't expect anyone to ever make it right.

You've been chastised enough. Unless the gentleman you held yesterday files a civil complaint, I consider this matter closed.


Regina. .I know you think I was wrong to interfere with your decision to put Officer Finley on a desk. We had a disagreement about that. But I wouldn't want that disagreement to overshadow the relationship we've had for years.


George: There anything I can do to convince you I'm not a criminal anymore?
Killian: Probably not.

Remember this day, John. This is where it all began.


Killian: What a tragedy, one less place to buy weed.
Morales: I say that a guy like that who did four and a half years for what is now nothing but a misdemeanor deserves some consideration.
Regina: Treat this like any other armed robbery.

Regina: So I didn't think I'd ever see you back on duty and now you are.
Bentley: It's good to be back.
Regina: So the police department says you're fit for duty and psych says you're fit for duty. What do you say?

East New York Quotes

Rookie: Who's that guy?
Supervisor: He shows up wherever there's cameras.

Salon Worker: Big day for you, huh? You the boss now.
Hayward: I'm A boss. There are lots of bosses. I have a boss.