Peter: Trust me when I tell you, I am in complete control.
Walter: I don't believe you are in control. Son, you promised me. You said you would be there for me, do you remember, to keep me from slipping? I need you. I'm begging you. Please come back in and let me run some tests.

Belly used the same combination for everything. Too much LSD I suppose.


Fire up that laser, Agnes. Let's get that hand out of amber.


Walter, that's from the movie Marathon Man.


Walter: Please son, whatever happens, don't let me go.
Peter: I won't dad, I promise.

Don't you see Peter? I'm not safe. It's my mind. Ever since the pieces of my brain were re-implanted, it's been changing me back into the man I was before. Bit by bit, I'm losing myself Peter. I'm losing the man that you helped me become.


Etta would want us to be together. She would want us to survive us. We're just...I love you.


You are nothing but tech. I would be ten times what you are if I had that tech in my head.


Whatever the closest thing is to fear that you can feel, I know that you're feeling it right now.


Our daughter dedicated her life to freeing us, and now we're going to dedicate ours to making sure that that means something.


Abner, why did you leave the propane tank there if the first place?


Olivia: Etta, I love you so much.
Etta: I know.

Fringe Quotes

Olivia: Twenty three murders. Why haven't I heard of them?
Broyles: Because these crimes weren't committed over here. We've been asked to assist on this case. Is that going to be a problem?

Alt-Lincoln: You hate being out here, don't you?
Olivia: Why do you say that?
Alt-Lincoln: Because she would hate it.
Olivia: I'm fine with it.

Fringe Music

  Song Artist
Song Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson iTunes
Dear mr fantasy Dear Mr. Fantasy Traffic iTunes
Blue bayou Blue Bayou Roy Orbison iTunes