So are you in? My ass-istant bad ass?


I have no criticisms, go with God Satan, Santana.


Lauren: I look like a lemon meringue pie.
Brittany: I think you look delicious.

Getting a thumbs up from him is like getting a thumbs up from Joan and Melissa Rivers.


So, I don't have a date. I'm just going to dance. Then all your dates are going to ignore you and come dance with me. So your dates are really my dates.


Prom is like our Oscars.


Where does Lauren keep your balls?


Will: We're performing at prom.
Rachel: I'm doing Run, Joey, Run!

Brittany: Just because I'm giving you this interview doesn't mean I'm not still mad at you. I know you started smoking again.
Lord Tubbingtons: (Looks away)

Mercedes: So is that a men sweater?
Kurt: Fashion has no gender.

You know, just because we're doing this interview doesn't mean i'm still not mad at you. 'Cause I know you started smoking again.

Brittany to Lord Tubbington

We need you Sam and you need the music.


Glee Season 2 Quotes

You just got poked. Poked by the Pink Dagger.


The glee club together with the football team, it's like a double rainbow. A zombie double rainbow.