Graceland Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Piñon Tree

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On Graceland Season 3 Episode 5, an agent arrests a criminal! It's a miracle!

Briggs' crazy plans seldom work out. Or at least they haven't lately. When Briggs teams with the Casa cartel to help Johnny extricate Lucita, it's a forgone conclusion something will go wrong.

The Casa cartel storms the Solano home and Johnny gets Lucita out. However, Carlito holds Johnny at gunpoint. Carlito forces Johnny to sneak him out as well. See? Told you. Why doesn't Johnny ever have a gun around this guy? So frustrating.

During yet another one of Carlito's crazy monologues, Johnny decides to roll the car. Carlito is injured badly. Johnny has the chance to kill him, but arrests him instead. That's right! A Graceland agent arrested a criminal tonight! For a moment, I thought I was watching the wrong show.

Lucita decides she's too much like her family and can't be with Johnny. It's a bummer. I hoped those crazy kids would give it a shot, especially after all this insanity. Sadly, long term relationships aren't Graceland's thing.

Thus ends the Solano story. The truth is, the team and the audience needed a win. Badly. Briggs informs the team about Colby's death and they are fed up. So am I.

Justice? When do we ever have justice? Everything we do ends up with a body.


The frustration is warranted. The agents seldom win. They never arrest anyone. Death like Colby's are more the norm. Most episodes it's difficult to distinguish them from the bad guys. Somewhere along the way, the pursuit of justice was lost.

At some point, the agents' badges must stand for something. Or else why root for the characters? It's why Carlito's arrest is so important. Nobody died. An arrest was made. Justice was served. 

Graceland Season 3 is slowly closing out the old cases from last year and bringing in some new. I thought Colby's death blew Briggs' cover, but it didn't. Colby didn't give Briggs up, not even after being tortured in battery acid. Martun believes Colby wanted Layla for himself. Martun also knows about Ari and Layla, which means he's out.

If Ari is out, then so is Briggs. Briggs isn't giving up and I admire his tenacity. The crazy face-offs with Ari are getting a bit stale, however. Hopefully, by bringing in Paige to double down on whoever ascends to the Sarkissian throne, Briggs will accomplish some actual police work.

I know, I know. The excitement of Carlito's arrest may be going to my head. Believing Briggs will arrest Ari and the Sarkissians may be pure insanity. However, I'm willing to live dangerously for awhile.

Briggs: Do you ever wonder if maybe, just maybe, the bird your chasing is a wild goose?
Mike: Yes, of course. But I'm staying on the path. I'm gonna see where this thing ends.

The most interesting case is Mike's. It was impressive watching Mike pull together all the pieces of his vision into one potential case. All the elements of the vision were present – the birds, clock, time and the number 47. It all fit. Unfortunately, as Mike set up his undercover operation with Gustie the case looked like another dead end. 

Until Mike found a weapon of mass destruction in the trunk of Gustie's car. Whoa! Seriously, who drives around with a WMD in the trunk of their car? Gustie is either a moron or insane. I'm leaning towards the former. The good news is, Mike finally found a case with some real teeth.

Now, let's hope the Graceland team doesn't screw it up.

If you missed any of the action, you can watch Graceland online to catch up!

Piñon Tree Review

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Graceland Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

We don't do our jobs anymore. We don't bust bad guys anymore. Somethings not working.


Justice? When do we ever have justice? Everything we do ends up with a body.