I'm growing a whole human in my body, and I want to raise him with someone who is going to love him no matter what a blood test says, and it turns out they're my sisters.


I don't need this, and I don't need you, so we're done. I'm done.


Bailey: Perez, aren't you supposed to be with Dr. Webber.
Perez: Oh, he said we could leave early. Good night, Dr. Bailey. You're an icon.

Whatever it is, I want to know. I need to know because I would jump in front of a bear for you, Alex. Please call me.


I'm so in love that I don't care who gets hurt. I just don't want it to be me.... I'm not a terrible person, I'm just a person terribly in love.


I love you. I got you. I got you. You're not going to be alone.


Amelia: He's not sure if he wants to be with me if the baby isn't his, and that makes me not sure if I want to be with him if the baby is his.
Maggie: You and Owen have a complicated relationship.
Amelia: That's what he said. But I want him to love me enough that that doesn't matter. I love you more than my biological sisters, biology doesn't matter. Love matters.
Link: And still if I were Link I would be terrified. I would be terrified if the baby is Owen's.

I appreciated the space because I'm an only child, and I'm better figuring things out on my own, but you grew up in a wolf pack, and wolves only separate from the pack to die alone.


Jo: What if you found out Amelia's baby is yours?
Owen: What?
Jo: It's a hypothetical.

I can't play videogames. I'm here with videogames and people taking care of me, and I have no idea where my siblings are or if they're OK, or safe, or if they're warm.


Meredith, I came to Seattle because Andrew is the same age as out father when the symptoms started.


For an only child, you are an excellent sister.


Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 14 Quotes

Nico: Still haven't found the perfect apartment?
Levi: I have given up on perfect. Now I'm just hoping for four walls and a floor.

Suffering is better than dying. We need the diagnosis, DeLuca. Stay the course.