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  • Jackson and Jo treat victims of the bear attack. 
  • The husband wants to see his wife. He has his nose attached to his arm so they can fix it to reattach to his face. 
  • The wife doesn't want to see the husband because her lover is at the hospital. Jo, Helm, and Jackson have to lie to Scott the husband so as not to spill the secret. 
  • Brian the lover says that he knows they're probably judgin him, but they're in love. He Doesn't care. 
  • The wife won't visit her husaband he literally jumped in front of the bear to protect her, and later on gets upset when he dies. She feels guilty. 
  • Jo hasn't heard from Alex, and she's freaking out and talking to everyone about it. They all reassure her. She calls him again and wants him to talk to her.
  • Joey refuses to do his PT. Bailey and Cormac arrange for his siblings to visiit him to inspire him. 
  • Levi is still looking for apartments. Nico says his parents are in town, but he won't introduce them to Levi. He eventually tells Levi that he isn't out to them, and Levi thinks he's a hypocrite.
  • DeLuca isn't getting sleep and obessed over Suzanne's case. Meredith starts to worry. 
  • Carina tells Meredith that she thinks her brother is showing signs of mania like his father. Meredith starts to agree. 
  • She has him taken off of Suzanne's case. DeLuca is angry. 
  • Riley prepares to leave since they're going against the plan she has in place. 
  • They both eventually figure out what's wrong with Suzanne. She has Stills disease and her white blood cells are eating her other ones. 
  • Deluca gives her the treatment but MEredith thinks he's being reckless. 
  • She calls him on it, and he tells her that she's a hyprote. they have an argument in the halls of the hospital and she tells him that he's acting like his father. 
  • DeLuca breaks up with her. 
  • Maggie takes the day off to spend time with Amelia. Amelia talks through her issue and says she doesn't want to take the test. She doesn't think she wants to be with Link if he can't love her and the baby if it isn't his. 
  • Link has been trying to talk to her. He finally goes to see her and Amelia breaks up with him and says she's taking care of the baby with people who will love it regardless, her sisters. 
  • Jackson comes nd apologizes to Maggie for leaving her in the woods. 
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 14 Quotes

Nico: Still haven't found the perfect apartment?
Levi: I have given up on perfect. Now I'm just hoping for four walls and a floor.

Suffering is better than dying. We need the diagnosis, DeLuca. Stay the course.