Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Meredith Voiceover

Mer: I really should get to work and you should get some sleep doctor. Don't forget your coffee.
DeLuca: I'm already wide awake.

We're making fish people.


I think I'm interested in getting poked ... with needles. Nevermind, I think I'm going to keep avoiding you.


Jo: Maggie, you're adopted.
Maggie: Yeah, I heard that.

Teddy: Well, I mean, if you're going to sit there. You could rub my feet.
Owen: Really?
Teddy: You brought it up.

Amelia: I miss her. I don't know if she's okay, and I don't know I she'll be okay, and I don't feel done.
Link: You sound like a --
Amelia: A mess.
Link: A parent.

Amelia: My god, you are just chiseled like a statute. It's like your chin has muscles.
Link Yeah, well I do work out my chin pretty hard. It takes out the whole day.
Amelia: I should go to my room.
Link: And I should go ...
Amelia: To your room. You have a presentation tomorrow, and I'm not fit or human contact.

Vincenzo: Your sister has turned on me.
DeLuca: Papa no one has turned on you.

Jackson: Grey, you're being creepy.
Mer: I'm creepy? They're calling you the rule of Atlantis.

Alex: It seems like you're prejudiced.
Bailey: What?
Alex: Against people with mental illness.
Bailey: I'm not prejudiced, you jackass, I am a person with mental illness. And I cope with it every day, I take my medication, and I do great, but sometimes I need help. That's why I asked you to stay on as Chief. And it's hard to ask for that help. Your mother needs to ask, and she can't. Your job is to make it so she can. So do your job, son. Prejudiced, yeah, jackass.

Jo: Can you really find my mother?
Casey: Yes. Do you really want me to?
Jo: Yes.
Casey: Good. I couldn't help myself. She lives in Pittsburgh. Her name is Vicki.