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Meredith brings DeLuca coffee since he's pulling all-nighters working with Vicenzo on the baby in a bag. She apologizes for interfering in his family affairs.

They kiss.

Amelia is at the same alternative medicine conference as Link. She was avoiding him after crying on him before. They have awkward conversations due to her. They keep running into one another. She talks to him about Betty and they share a flirty moment and near kiss. She heads to her room instead.

The next day, she shows up at his conference. He talks about a former patient who got addicted to the drugs he prescribed him and died in an accident he caused. He says he would have given him the drugs again. Amelia leaves and he sees her go.

He goes to her room to explain later. They argue and he tells her that he stopped practicing medicine after losing Jason and he's trying to find a way to help people without overprescribing them and checking up on them. They share the same essential goal. Amelia kisses him and he doesn't want to take advantage but she assures him he isn't. They have sex.

Bailey meets Alex’s mom at the hospital. Helen tells Bailey she wants to go home but she’s afraid to. Alex hears about it and accuses Bailey of discrimination against mentally Ill. She reminds him SHE is mentally Ill and she knows how Helen feels. She tells him to be a good son and help his mother. He takes time off to take Helen home.

Jo gets her DNA results and asks Maggie to go over them with her. Jo finds out that she has a cousin and thinks about trying to track down her birth mother. Casey the hacker intern offers to help. Jo declines but after speaking to Jackson and Maggie, she decides she wants to find out about her mother. She aks Casey to help, but he already found her. Her name is Vicki and she lives in Pittsburgh.

Teddy has a pregnant patient whose baby is in jeopardy. Vincenzo hears about it and proposes his baby in a bag study without telling anyone else. The study already lost one of the lambs.

Everyone shuts Vincenzo down and he flips out. DeLuca realised Carina was right about their father. Vincenzo has a blow up.

The baby dies and Teddy is devastated which is what Owen feared. Teddy breaks down and Owen comforts her. Tom sees it from a distance.

DeLuca is overwhelmed and pushes Meredith away.

Jackson and the interns apply fish skin on a patient as part of his spray on skin project. Richard doesn't want the fish wasted so he he throws a fish fry.

Maggie speaks to a morning show about her paper and birth parents. Jackson is proud of her. They share a romantic sexy moment at the hospital.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 17 Quotes

Mer: I really should get to work and you should get some sleep doctor. Don't forget your coffee.
DeLuca: I'm already wide awake.

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Meredith Voiceover