I just finished a quadruple valve replacement. Only two other people in the U.S. have ever done that.


Dr. Grey you're not going back to trash duty. You'll be making up your missed hours in jail.


Jo: Carly, I can't be your doctor anymore, I never should have been in the first place, so Dr. Bailey will take care of you. What?
Carly: Boundaries. Seems like somebody learned after all.

Thanks for not letting me die.


Today, I watched you teeter on that edge and bring yourself back by yourself and bring me back and save someone else's life in the process. I don't know what square one looks like, but there was nothing square one about that.


Remind me not to pick you first if we ever start a trauma league.


What happens in the hyperbaric chamber stays in the hyperbaric chamber.


Gemma: Now why would you pull away from the first little bit of comfort you've had in weeks.
Richard: Because I'm a married man.
Gemma: I am fully aware that you and Catherine have rings on your finger for better or worse. Forgive me for thinking that because you two hit the worse that you might be looking around.

Now, tell me how this works again when she's out of state more often than she's in your bed?


I think surgery is my real true love, and I don't think that's ever going to change.


Mer: He's sexy, and he's fun, and he's so good to the kids.
Maggie: But?
Mer: I don't know if he'll ever be more than that? I don't know if I want him to be.

If the one person who helped to make me OK could go off and try to kill herself, then what does that say about me?


Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 5 Quotes

Amelia: I'd do it laparoscopically.
Tom: No, I'd do it laparoscopically because she's not my niece.

Oh goody, it's a family affair anyone wants to bring some snacks? Play a rousing game of UNO?