Webber: I am thankful that this year we had more saves than losses and I'm also thankful that we are still here.
Bailey: I'm thankful for Richard Webber. And this pie.

Link, today was -- you are nothing like your parents.


Our society? Doesn't give women a lot of permission to talk about what they want. To talk about what they need. To ask for help. Even when it comes to our own bodies. Five kids is ... one kid is a lot, but five... maybe don't wait for her to ask for help. Maybe just help.


Mer: You said were.
Nick: What do you mean?
Mer: You said Charlotte and surgery were your priororities.
Nick: Right. Priorities can change.

But everyone else around you gets to fall apart. Take your turn.


You are his aunt, Megah, you are his mother, I am his doctor!


Teddy: I'm avoiding your mother.
Megan: Because of Leo.
Teddy: yes. I'm afraid of what she'll say if he comes out in a dress or something.

Nick: You, what are you grateful for?
Mer: I'm grateful you're here

It's strange, isn't it? How laying in bed, staring at the fluorescent lights can change everything?


Mer: You turned around?
Nick :Yeah, I turned around.

Amelia: Link, what? Is it burning?
Link: You'd have to turn the oven on to burn it.