It's a bad batch of something out there.


We were going to watch him grow up. We were going to teach him so many things.


Amelia: When he gets fussy like that, he's usually hungry.
Mr. Dickinson: We've raised one before.

Helm: You think she's part robot?
Mer: I can hear you.

It's a lot, right? It's just one of those days where being a doctor feels futile. We're in here saving lives, and out there, people are doing their damnedest to kill themselves.


You're an artist, and I think it didn't occur to me because you're a work of art. Physically, like a statue in Rome.


Dickinson: I can't even stand to look at you. It's the last thing I said to her before she disappeared. I can't even stand to look at you. Now, Tell us that she's going to be OK. I mean you're doctors. Tell us she's going to get through this.
Owen: I wish I could.

Miranda: This world is so scary, no matter how well you raise your kids. No matter how much you give them, it's a scary scary world.
Ben: Yeah, it is, but it's beautiful too. Surrender to the fear and miss the beauty that's when you go into the bad place.

Jo: You were left in a park, right? By your junkie dad when you were three?
Alex: In a bar parking lot when I was six. I wish I was three, then I wouldn't be able to remember.

My fiance died, years ago. He died in bed beside me. He OD'd. I thought it would kill me, too. But instead, it saved my life. Because I decided to live. I decided to live because he died. You can't protect her from this .YOu can't protect her from the pain that she is going to feel, but you can hope that this is her bottom. God, I hope this is her bottom. I hope this gets clean. I hope that she decides to live.