You can't blame yourself. Some people are just broken. I guess you just try not to care too much and you can't be disappointed.


[after Mer drops kidney] Five-second rule! Five-second rule!


Richard: What are you people doing?
Izzie: We were just, uh, just deciding which of our interns to give to George.
Cristina: Uh huh.
Miranda: Oh, you think I got to choose my interns? And I picked you people... 'cause you're all such a surgical dream team? [to Alex] You, you're lazy. [to Izzie] You're whiney. [to Meredith] Butter fingers over there... downright depressing. [to Cristina] You, Yang, you're just annoying. Choosing their own interns! What are ...
Richard: Give me those damn cards. [picks out four, hands cards to George] O'Malley, you have interns.

George: So, tomorrow we will meet one hour before pre-rounds.
Intern 3: Dude, that's like 4 a.m.
Intern 1: Dr. Stevens never made us come in before pre-rounds.
Intern 2: Yeah O'Malley. You gotta chill. [walks away]
George: They probably should say Dr. O'Malley.

Callie: Take off your pants.
Erica: Excuse me?
Callie: Take off your pants. We're trying this again.

[narrating] The thing about choosing teams in real life, it's nothing like it used to be in gym class. Being first picked can be terrifying. And being chosen last isn't the worst thing in the world. So we watch from the sidelines clinging to our isolation. Because we know as soon as we let go of the bench ... someone comes along and changes the game completely.


Joe: Holy crap what the hell is that thing?
Cristina: Oh that is a kidney in a jar, that's not fair, how did you get that?
Derek: Being an incredibly important fancy neurosurgeon has it's perks.
Meredith: Thank you.
Derek: I couldn't have done it without you. One surgery, one patient, I couldn't have done any of it without you. Thanks.

Meredith: So Derek said I was a baby
Cristina: What?
Meredith: And that I had a lot to learn.
Cristina: Uh, whatever.
Meredith: I mean not whatever, he's right I did drop a kidney, and don't say it happens because it doesn't. But, I do hate it when he's right.
Cristina: No, okay, he is not right. Stop caring so much about what he thinks. It makes you seem desperate.

Derek: Dr. Bailey. I heard your big surgery went well today. Congratulations.
Miranda: The same to you. It must feel good to see your name in print like that.
Derek: It would feel better if Meredith wasn't so... you know. She's acting silly about the credit. She's getting emotional.
Miranda: That girl worked her ass off for you and you got all the credit.
Derek: I would have gotten all the blame had we failed.
Miranda: But you didn't fail.
Derek: It's simple, I'm an attending... she's a second-year resident.
Miranda: Who you're now living with. That's not simple, it's messy. If it were me, I'd start with thank you. You'd be surprised how far that one goes. Especially with us silly emotional women.

Richard: Hows she doing?
Meredith: I'm keeping a close eye on her, but so far she's completely stable.
Richard: Come with me. [walks down the hall] This man is very ill, may be dying. He's got a perfect healthy donor kidney that WASN'T dropped on the floor. There's only so much we can help, and so much we can hurt. Forgive yourself.

Derek: I'm not gonna do this with you.
Meredith: Do what?
Derek: Have this silent fight. I'm gonna write to the editors and have them print a correction. The Shepherd-Grey Method.
Meredith: I don't want you to give me credit because you're mad that I'm mad. I want you to give me credit because you think I worked hard for it and I deserve it.
Derek: You don't deserve it. You're a baby. You have the potential to be a good surgeon. Maybe a great one. But you haven't even scratched the surface on what you need to learn.
Meredith: It was my idea. And I hate that picture!

Izzie: Graciella charts like crap. But she can put in a line. Claire, on the other hand, nearly castrated a guy with a catheter.
Lexie: We can hear you!
Alex: I might dump Pearson.
Izie: Oh, why does he suck?
Alex: I just hate saying the name Pearson.
Izzie: Hmm.

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

It's not just one surgery. It's 12, all at the same time.


All eyes... are on Seattle Grace.