Like I told you, the feeling doesn't last. I'm not trying to be cynical, it's just that even when a day starts out so, so well, that day can end so, so badly.


Erin, my name is Stephanie. I want you to do me a favor okay, I want you to turn around and cover your eyes like hide n' seek okay?


Will this help? Will this start a fire?


Maggie: Have they found them yet?
Jackson: No.
Maggie: Any word from Edwards?
Jackson: No, and I can't go looking for her because I'm stuck here.

Rapist: We're trapped in here?
Stephanie: We're trapped in here.

Miranda: Call security!
Jackson: Stephanie's with him!

Alison: Is he dead? Did I kill him?
Miranda: Oh no,no, you didn't do anything.
Alison: Please, tell me I killed him.

I got married right over there. Then I got divorced. Then I got married again. Then I went on my leave, and I left Megan in a hole in a ground for almost ten years. Weeks would go by, and I didn't give her a thought. I couldn't spare her a thought. She was being held and tortured. I stopped looking. I gave up. I gave up on her.


Owen: We don't even know if it's her.
Amelia: Owen, Teddy knows her. Teddy saw her.

Owen: Ask for Teddy Altman.
Amelia: What?
Owen: Ask to talk to Dr. Altman.

Alex: I'm a friend of Brooke's. Your wife Brooke Statler. The one who left you.
Paul: Yeah, how's she doing. Where is she now?
Alex: You don't need to know that. You don't need to think about her ever again, and if you come near her, I will find you and I will kill you.
Paul: Who are you?
Alex: It doesn't matter. I'm warning you. I know who you are and I'm watching you.

Owen: I don't even know if it's her. What if it's not? They could have got it wrong. This might not be true. This might not be true.
Amelia: Well, let's find out. Let's find out for sure.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 23 Quotes

Is this about my sister, Megan?


There are moments when all the stars align -- when everything seems as it should be.You lie seems to have sorted itself out. It's not like all our problems go away. It's just that the problems are suddenly manageable and it seems like we conquer any problem. You feel so good you wonder if it's real. And if I've learned anything, I can tell you, it is. It's very real. But it will not last.