Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Did [Spoiler] Just Die?!?!

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The thirteenth season of Grey's Anatomy is attempting to go out with a bang. Literally.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 23, the twists and revelations just kept coming. We caught our first glimpse of Jo's husband, Paul. We also found out that Owen's sister is, in fact, alive and on her way to GSM.

Stephanie's final attempt at getting away from a patient who held her hostage caused an explosion at the hospital and may have cost her her life.

Join TV Fanatics Tiffany Staton, Stacy Glanzman, and Amanda Steinmetz as they discuss "True Colors."

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Megan is alive! React.

Tiffany: We all knew this was coming, I'm just glad it's finally here. And we got a Teddy Altman reference! That was a nice little blast from the past. Owen's devastation/guilt also killed me; he absolutely slayed this episode. I'm interested to see how Rigg's reaction compares.

Stacy: Was that supposed to be a surprise? Everyone knew that was coming eventually. Of course, we had to wait for Meredith to be ready to move on with Nathan for optimal drama (insert eye-roll here). 

Owen's reaction was great, but I'm already dreading this storyline. I feel like we're about to be in for a whole season of Nathan being torn between the two women.

Amanda: Of course she's alive. Is this supposed to be a shocking turn of events? I agree with Stacy that the timing of this reveal is incredibly eye-roll inducing, now that Meredith and Riggs have finally gotten into a relationship.

Is Stephanie dead?

Tiffany: I think she is, which is a shame because she could have been a great character if the show would have given her more opportunities and/or better storylines.

Stacy: I knew she was leaving the show, so I wondered if she'd be killed off. It is Shonda, after all. My guess is, yes, she's dead. She was in the room with the explosion, so it's pretty unrealistic if she's alive.

If she did somehow survive, she'd be looking at a very lengthy recovery and lots of plastic surgery. Since she's leaving the show anyway, what would be the point of doing something like this if she's not dead? Her death will mean a lot of angst for Jackson.

Amanda: Since news broke that the actress was leaving the show, I figured Stephanie might just move away, but now I think she probably is. She was right next to the explosion. Surviving that blast seems highly unlikely.

What were your thoughts on Alex's fantasy revenge sequence? Did Alex's trip to see Paul seem abrupt to you? Do you think Paul will return?

Tiffany: I liked them. It showed his first instincts – violence and/or threats of violence – but he was also able to think about the consequences of those instincts before acting. It showed that Alex is still Alex but he's trying to grow up and be a better person.

His search seemed kind of abrupt since they haven't even mentioned the Alex/Jo/husband storyline in weeks. They could have definitely waited to introduce him, but I like that they went back to it rather than just dropping it.

I definitely think Paul will be back. Otherwise, why cast a known actor like Matthew Morrison? (BTW – he does a great bad guy; see The Good Wife for proof). Hopefully, they'll wait a bit before bringing him back, not just to let the characters deal with Megan's return, but to find a believable way for him to show up in Seattle.

Stacy: Again, I think we all knew the return of Jo's husband was coming eventually, but it did feel abrupt since it hasn't been mentioned in awhile. All of a sudden Alex is stalking the guy? No build up at all? That was weird.

You would think we would have at least seen him have a conversation about it with Meredith or something first. I am assuming Paul will return because otherwise there was no point to that story line and it was just a waste of screen time.

Amanda: I thought the timing was really abrupt. We haven't focused on Alex and Jo's relationships in weeks. Now, all of a sudden, Alex has tracked down Jo's abusive ex-husband with no warning.

The pacing of it all just feels off. But I'm sure this is just the beginning since the show wouldn't cast Matthew Morrison for some one-off episode.

Jo's Husband

Meredith was ready to introduce Riggs to her kids, and now the Megan revelation has happened. How do you think their relationship will play out now?

Tiffany: Well, it's definitely going to slow it down if not end it completely. Riggs is going to be as big of a mess as Owen is. I like how Meredith responded though, going straight to Riggs because if Derek was alive she'd want to know immediately.

Stacy: As I said before, I am really not looking forward to this story line. I feel like we can all see where it is probably going. Riggs will be consumed with guilt for moving on. Maybe he'll feel like he should go back to Megan out of some sort of duty.

I would be much more interested in seeing Riggs and Meredith move on together and develop their relationship than having to deal with the wrench Megan's return will throw into it.

Amanda: If this turns into another unnecessary love triangle, I swear I am going to scream. Of course, it probably will since Riggs will be conflicted with Megan's return. There's always the chance Megan may not be interested in being with Riggs now, but I doubt it.

Who was the MVP of the hour?

Tiffany: I can't decide between Stephanie and Amelia. Stephanie did everything she could to keep Erin safe while Amelia stepped up to FINALLY support Owen. I guess I'll give it to Amelia because she was so great at comforting Owen, and she surprised/impressed me when she started speaking German.

Stacy: Honestly, I'm leaning towards no one. I did like that Stephanie did what she could to keep Erin safe, but she also really frustrated me throughout the whole ordeal. For one thing, why didn't she pick up the scalpel and stab him instead of lighting him on fire?

Ben was a total failure, he should have seen something was wrong. I was rolling my eyes at Maggie "well maybe she just can't get to her phone, I'm sure she's fine." Someone (Bailey) should have put out an alert on the tablets that not only is their a dangerous man loose, but that Stephanie might be with him.

Then those random doctors/nurses who were talking would have seen her, as would have Ben, and done something. The whole thing just baffled me.

Amanda: Amelia finally acted like an adult and was supportive to Owen in his time of emotional need. Let's just hope she can keep up this level of maturity.

Do you have any speculation or theories about what we'll see in the season finale?

Tiffany: It looks like a lot of the focus will be on finding Erin and Stephanie. Obviously, I hope we meet Megan, and I really hope we get to see Riggs finding out about her because it'll be a huge moment for his character. Basically, I'm just excited because this episode and the previews for the finale feel like classic Grey's.

Stacy: Well, a big portion of the hospital just exploded, so the aftermath of that should be interesting to see. I'm curious if Stephanie will already be dead when they find her, or if she'll be rushed into surgery in an attempt to save her.

Jackson is already blaming himself, and he's the plastics guy, so that could be problematic if his emotions get the best of him.

Amanda: I just predict a lot of fall-out from the events of this episode. The explosion and Stephanie's fate will take up the main focus. Then Megan will probably arrive at the hospital, and I wouldn't be surprised if Jo's ex-husband shows up as well.

What was your favorite scene and/or quote?

Tiffany: I'm very surprised to say I liked the scenes with Owen and Amelia. Amelia is FINALLY thinking about someone other than herself.

It actually gives me hope for their relationship (which I didn't really have before) because him leaning on her and her consoling him was so seamless and sincere. I forgot the two of them had chemistry! I also liked Mer's comment about Amelia being the sane one for once.

Stacy: I think the patient waking up and asking if the guy was dead, and the shock of finding out that he was actually trying to rape her. I honestly didn't see that coming, and it played out really well.

Alison: Is he dead? Did I kill him?
Miranda: Oh no,no, you didn't do anything.
Alison: Please, tell me I killed him.

Amanda: I didn't see the reveal of the guy being a rapist coming at all, so I'll go with that just based on shock value alone.

Do you agree with our Round Table? Disagree? Sound of below! There is still time to catch up on the season before the finale. If you would like to catch up, you can watch Grey's Anatomy online here via TV Fanatic.

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