What do you need me to do?


Amelia: Have you seen Link? I'm craving some gravity blanket/
Maggie: What?
Amelia: He does this thing where he puts his whole body on top of me and it's like a thunder blanket.

Move to Switzerland before Bailey murders you in your sleep.

Cristina Text

Vic: Pierce is kind of a genius isn't she?
Warren: Not kinda, is.

Just when I couldn't possibly love you less, you surprise me.


Well change the headline at least! I love Grey Sloan, I own Grey Sloan, I would never tear it down.


He exploded all over us!


Welp, congratulations. You are our new chief resident, maybe you can fix what your girlfriend broke.


Meredith didn't have to burn it all down in her wake. That place raised her.


Don't sweat it, man. Being liked is overrated.


Shirley: If I had known she was fired, I would have stayed on a beach in Costa Rica. Dr. Grey is the whole reason I'm here. 
Qadri: You and me both.

Mer: I had no idea that you two were so serious.
Amelia and Link: Neither did we. 

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Maggie: Honesty and privacy are not mutually exclusive. 
Amelia: Ohh, I like that!

Maggie: He just walked out of the fog with a new girlfriend, like I never existed. I think I might actually hate him.
Zola: My teacher said hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. 
Maggie: Go get ready for school.