You and Bonaparte went to kill Nick! Why should I be concerned about *you*?!


You should never have fallen in love with Burkhardt. Now you’re gonna regret it.

Renard [to Adalind]

If they’re going to shoot one of us, it’s going to be in front of the other! [Monroe gives her a shocked look.] That didn’t come out right.


The only thing we can do for Nick is get out of here so we can come back and kill every last one of those bastards!


You are compassionate. And that's dangerous for all of us.

Conrad Bonaparte [to Renard]

Adalind: Don't you see what's going on?!
Renard [confused]: I thought I did!
Adalind: You *moron*! It's our daughter! She's doing this, not us!
Renard: What are you talking about?! Diana?!
Adalind: Oh, God, do you *really* think that I just all of a sudden decided you were the hottest guy on Earth and couldn't wait to take my clothes off and hop into bed with you!?
Renard [somewhat sheepishly]: Well, I am the new mayor.
Adalind: *I* didn't vote for you.

Renard [about Diana]: I think we need to talk to her.
Adalind: About what?
Renard: About killing people.

Do not take this ring off. It would be extremely painful... for your children.

Conrad Bonaparte

Monroe: This is our *home*! We're letting those *idiots* rule our lives!
Rosalee: I know! But getting yourself killed is not making our lives any better, thank you very much!

Adalind: So, Mr. Mayor, how does it feel?
Renard: Sudden. But well-deserved.
Adalind: Nothin' like standing on a dead man's shoulders to get there!

Nick: Meisner's dead.
Renard [nonchalant]: Really? How'd that happen?
Nick: A *coward* shot him.

Wu [about Renard]: Did he just say, 'work through our differences'?
Hank: I know a couple of ways we could do that...

Grimm Quotes

Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.


Why can't you look at her ass like the rest of us?