Hi. You almost got hurt back there. Aren't you a lucky little girl.


Happy: Nick?
Nick: Yeah.
Happy: Being your friend is complicated.
Nick: Yeah, you know. Relationships are complicated. That's the bitch about growin' up. Uh, well, time to sleep.
Happy: Goodnight, Nick.

Nick, look at this place. The woman is on the pipe!

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.


Happy: I should have guessed this was Sonny Shine's house. He always has the coolest stuff.
Nick: Huh. You want it, take it.
Happy: I can't steal from Sonny Shine! He's a beloved childhood icon!
Nick: He's a virus made of sewage.
Happy: Agree to disagree!

Holy! I mean, jeepers. Imagine having to lug that thing around all day!

Nick: Look. Remember when I said what I want out of an imaginary friend?
Happy: A silent partner who helps you out when you need him and disappears when you don't.

Holy shit, Mer. This is the best crazy-person room I've ever seen.


Well, you can stop thinking about me and start thinking about Hailey because she is the one priority; she is the only priority. Shit. I'm supposed to pick her up from school.


I didn't think you'd show without the bitch squad.


Happy: Holy guacamole, it's Dayglow Doug!
Nick: Who the fuck's Dayglow Doug?

Oh, sure! Like you guys are all great parents!


Happy! Quotes

Your imagination is a pretty effed up place to live, Nick. You know that, right?


This place is depressing, Nick. I'm so glad you've evolved and are such a total wizard zen master of your darker impulses.