Noah: Where's Hiro Nakamura? Why does Erica have his sword?
Sidekick: Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.
Noah: She has him, doesn't she?

What you're doing is godlike. The next big bang without all of the mess.


Caspar: You have a destiny. Humanity has one last hope for survival, and part of that lies with you.
Tommy: What does that even mean?
Caspar: You're going to help save the world.
Tommy: No, I'm not.

Tommy: Why have you been following me for a year?
Caspar: Because you're that important.

Friend: You making a change, or just retiring?
Luke: Atoning.

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Noah: Long time, Erika.
Erika: So dramatic, Noah. You could have knocked.

Melina, you don't have to save the world alone, but if those men catch us...


I've always been an excellent fake crier.


Authorities: What are you and your mother running from?
Tommy: You, and people like you.

I need you to find me that child and I need you to kill it.


Forget the past. Save the future.


Taylor: Why are we rounding up Evo's?
Erica: To save our species, do you trust me?

Heroes Reborn Quotes

Quentin: You're Noah Bennett, right?
Noah: Who do you work for?
Quentin: Ranatus.
Noah: Ranatus?
Quentin: I worked at Ranatus, but not for Ranatus and I know that you work for prima tech.

Tommy: I can't believe you made it out alive. So what happened in there? The place burnt down.
Luke: What do you think happened?
Tommy: I don't think we should talk about it in public.