I know who killed Nate Senior. You know him too. Emmett Crawford.

Governor Birkhead [to Annalise]

Annalise: What about me loving myself, Mamma? Doesn't that count for anything?
Ophelia: You'll never love yourself if you hurt people, Anna Mae. We both know that.

Bonnie: I'm a week late. I've been feeling dizzy the last few days, too. And nauseous.
Frank: You, uh, take a pregnancy test?
Bonnie: I can't do this.
Frank: Hey. You got me. No matter what happens. I'm here.

Nate: That's what they want, Annalise. To turn us against one another. That's the only way this thing falls apart.
Annalise: There are a million ways that this could fall apart.

No more murder.


My baby is living her best life. I'm so proud of you.

Ophelia [to Annalise]