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Laurel receives a mysterious phone call. 

Ophelia comes to town for Christmas and overhears Nate and Annalise discussing the immunity deal that Telesco had earlier presented to her in exchange for her cooperation. 

Frank goes to Gabriel to make amends for the last few months and makes Asher invite him to the student's house for Christmas dinner.  

Bonnie goes to Ron's funeral. And later she tells Frank that her period is late but a pregnancy test reveals that she isn't pregnant. 

Telesco goes to Tegan in hopes to get more information on Annalise. 

Annalise has a Christmas dinner with her mom, Nate, Bonnie, Frank, Tegan, and Emmett, while the student's host Gabriel and Connor's mom. 

The FBI shows up with a warrant for Oliver and Connor's wedding pictures and they also take Oliver's laptop. 

Annalise goes to meet with Telesco but she never shows up. A flashback reveals that Tegan and Telesco slept together and Tegan then went to Telesco's superior requesting a new agent be assigned to her. Telesco was then subsequently reassigned from working Operation Bonfire. 

Annalise receives a phone call from an unknown number and goes to a church to meet Governor Birkhead. She informs her that Emmet Crawford is the person who had Nate Senior killed. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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