Dylan: I came to give you another chance. You need to tell the truth and then I can help set you free.
Allison: You mean like you freed Clara?
Dylan: It’s what she wanted. A chance at redemption in the next life.
Allison: What the fuck does that mean?
Dylan: I helped prepare her for the prophecy.
Allison: You’re really scaring me.
Dylan: You’re the one holding the knife.

Margot: Never leave me. Okay?
Allison: Never.

I saw Allison. She’s still as difficult as ever. I can only imagine the terrible things that you two did that made her take her sister’s identity.


Allison: Come on, Margot. You know who I am.
Margot: Yeah. You’re fucking Allison.
[Stabs her]

You have them too.


Lyla: Now you’re really freaking me out.
Bruce: Come on, after the summer we’ve had. You don’t want to do something a little romantic?
Lyla: You want to know what I want? A big ass rock! Like JLO’s. What was that? Ten carats or 15?

Allison: It’s me, Dylan. It’s me. Allison.
Dylan: That’s not funny.
Allison: It’s true, I swear.

Allison: I need you to help find Dylan.
Bruce: Dylan? Lyla has got everyone searching for Riley.
Allison: It’s too late for Riley.

Allison: Why would she call us here?
Dylan: It’s high-tide.
[They receive text messages]
Margot: To make us watch!
Dylan Fuck you! [Throws phone into ocean]
Allison: No, that’s what she wants.
Margot: To torture us to death?!
Dylan: She’s doing a great fucking job.

Bruce: Sorry, of course I knew about it. I was in it and so was your mother.
Allison: If you fucking tell me Clara is my real mother right now, I…
Bruce: No, she’s not, but your mother is alive. I know it’s a lot to take in, but I just don’t want there to be secrets between us.
Allison: She killed herself.
Bruce: That’s what she told me to tell you. That’s not true. She left.
Allison: Seriously, Dad, this isn’t funny!

The tide’s coming in.


Lyla: There’s nothing official we can do for 48 hours.
Courtney: In 48 hours, she could be died! There’s a fucking killer out there you haven’t fucking caught.
Lonnie: The killer only targets reasonably attractive males.
Mel: I’m sure she’s fine, Courtney.
Lyla: We’ll keep an eye out.
Courtney: Fuck you, Lyla. I’ll find her myself. And if anyone has hurt my baby, you’re all gonna wish you were dead!

I Know What You Did Last Summer Quotes

Margot: [Dances] Everyone so wishes they were us right now!
Lennon: Yeah, I fucking wish I was us.

Allison: Why? So I can be like you?
Lennon: I’d never wish that on anyone. I just want you to have a fucking life.
Allison: I have a life!
Lennon: You’re a virgin who doesn’t have a driver’s license. So…
Allison: Did you just misquote Clueless at me?