I'm not worried about you. I'm worried about me. I feel like I'm losing it.


Kevin, our problems are way past you covering for me. I'm not getting any better. I was wrong. I simply can't control myself.


Having you back in my life is the biggest gift I've been given, by the Universe, or God, or whatever.

Yvette: I'm, um, I'm a friend of Kevin's.
Amy: Do I know you?
Yvette: He needs your help.

Oh, real quick, what do I do with that dead body?


Kevin: I'm deeper than you thought I was.
Reese: I hate you.
Kevin: And I'm smarter than you thought I was.

Reese: Do you have an invisible person following you around?
Kevin: Where'd you get that incredibly stupid idea from?
Reese: I don't know. I don't know anything. I think I upset mom.

Cindy don't do sickness! Cindy out!


Yvette: Kevin, meet Cindy, my replacement.
Cindy: Oh yeah! It's lesson time, Kevin!

You know what's funny? I feel like I've known you forever. Weird, huh?


First her friends, now her cat, the Universe is telling Kristin she doesn't belong with me.

We're moving in together, me and Becky.


Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Quotes

Reese: Why are you even here?
Kevin: Your mom insisted.
Reese: Because you tried to kill yourself.
Kevin: Yup. Didn't take.

Do not be afraid. You have been chosen. Kevin?