You got a job? You haven't even been here a week!

People are really coming out of the woodwork for this woman. She helped a lot of people.


Kevin: Glenn, you have to believe me. I'm not that same guy.
Glenn: Finn, you will always be that guy. Burn. In. Hell.

I'm not a good person, Kevin. I'm sorry.


Kevin: You smited somebody?
Yvette: Smote. Past tense of smite is smote.

Dating my ex-husband looks good on you!


I started helping people because I got bored.

Acorn Fairy

You changed, more than I realized.


Kevin: You want to hang out?
Yvette: Don't worry about me, spend time with your friends.
Kevin: That's what I'm doing.

Oh my God, we forgot Nate!!


Adam: Umm, Mr. Finn?
Kevin: Yeah?
Adam: I'm feeling kind of weird about this.
Kevin: Why?
Adam: I'm planning a prank with a mom, a police officer, and my teacher.
Tyler: And a waiter.

Kevin: Do not tell Amy.
Nate: What? Why?
Kevin: She'll Narc! No offense.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Quotes

Reese: Why are you even here?
Kevin: Your mom insisted.
Reese: Because you tried to kill yourself.
Kevin: Yup. Didn't take.

Do not be afraid. You have been chosen. Kevin?