Konstantin: How is it without me?
Villanelle: I love it. Raymond is the best. He is so much fun and really hilarious. And, uh, well, kinda sexy, too.
Konstantin: [laughs] They gave you Raymond?
Villanelle: Yeah.
Konstantin: You know how Raymond gets paid?
Villanelle: Ugly jackets?
Konstantin: No. They don't pay him any money. They let him be the person who terminates the contracts, like, uh, racehorses. When they can't race anymore, they get shot, and Raymond is the guy with the gun.

How did she know we were coming?


Carolyn: I don't really get angry, Eve, as it makes me really sleepy, so you'll just need to imagine I sound angry when I say this: Never ever go behind my back again. Ever. You are by no means the only person I work with but you take up a disproportionate amount of my time. And my time is very valuable to me. I have hobbies. Do you understand that, Eve?

Konstantin and Villanelle have chosen their side. Stick to yours.


Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Konstantin: Leave her alone. She's a parasite, Eve. She gets into your brain and she eats you up to make space for yourself. like that book with the hungry worm and all that food? Pickles, tomatoes.
Eve: The Hungry Caterpillar?
Konstantin: Yes! That's her, burrowing in and creeping around.

Konstantin: How are you doing?
Eve: Honestly, I feel like I might be losing my mind a little bit.
Konstantin: Yes.