D'avin: If you had anything incriminating on these agents, you would have arrested them the second they stepped onto the station. Sir.
Turin: He's bossy, I like him. So why don't you?
Dutch: It didn't work out.
Turin: You sleep with him?
John: Hey.
Dutch: Yes.
Turin: Haha and made the jilted Jaqobis mad. You're such a piece of work.
D'avin: I'm the one who screwed up. I'm the one they're here to report on.
Turin: You shut up, bossy.
D'avin: Because I beat her, then stabbed him.
Turin: You attacked your own team? The RAC takes assault on its own very seriously.
D'avin: Then I wanna speak to a rep, but first I want to know that this break up is official.

Dutch: Where am I?
Khlyen: Safe. Time to get you home and for me to fix your mess.
Dutch: John and D'avin?
Khlyen: They will suffer no repercussions for this foolish infiltration. You'll need your full team with what's coming. Keep that tourniquet tight, you've lost a lot of blood.
Dutch: Why do you keep protecting me?
Khlyen: Do you remember the first time I tucked you in? I told you a story.
Dutch: The wasp and the bear.
Khlyen: And the moral of that story?
Dutch: In the end, they save one another.
Khlyen: I need you to live.
Dutch: Was any of it true? Did my father really send you? What are you?
Khlyen: I'm Level 6.

Company Sergeant: You're gonna want to stay down here, an extraction team is on the way.
John: Wait, if they see uniforms they'll start killing hostages.
Company Sergeant: Not your warrant, not your problem.
John: I gave my word. Let me go in there for you. I have a better shot at ending this without any more bloodshed.
Alvis: He's really good at fixing things.
Company Sergeant: Okay Killjoy bring us the crew, the claims and our guy alive. It's on you now. Thirty minutes or we storm the place.

D'avin: You need to stop being so polite. Yell at me. It's okay to be angry, to hate me. It's normal.
Dutch: Normal won't work here. That's why I'm angry. If anyone, if the real you hurt me or Johnny I know exactly what to do. I'd kill you. I'd mourn you and I'd move on, but this is so much messier than that. You're as much a victim as we are D'avin. So I don't get to hurt you. I don't get to hate you. And I don't know how to move on.

John: Hey guys, you're feeling adrift. Guess what? Me too. See, we've been through a lot, but right now we're a bit stuck. On the plus side, we've been through a lot and we'll get through this too. But first, you have to answer the big question. Are we a team?
Dutch: I'm gonna kill him. Sorry, bad choice of words.
D'avin: Nah.
John: So I'm forcing you to do the one thing that you hate; talk. Every time you both answer honestly, you get to make a move. Move all the pieces back into place and Lucy starts up again.

D'avin: I don't know what you heard Bellus.
Bellus: Everything.
D'avin: Then you know I would never hurt Dutch.
Bellus: But you did hurt her. So let's do this.
D'avin: Excuse me?
Bellus: You hurt my girl. I hurt you.
D'avin: I'm not going to fight you Bellus.
Bellus: One way or another we're gonna square this.
D'avin: Okay fine, one free shot. As hard as you want. Uh!

D'avin: You're right John we're broken, but now we know and we want to figure out what's next. So until then, I'm off the ship. Consolation prize?
John: Issue 41.
D'avin: John, I'm sorry I hurt you.
John: So you bought me a comic?
D'avin: It's Captain Apex, the one I lost.
John: You bought me a comic to apologize for stabbing me?
D'avin: No. No John, look I know I messed up in so many different ways.
John: No, you have no idea where you even began to mess up.

John: Hey hey, do exactly what I say we're in the line of fire.
Pree: What?
John: It's a Company flash. Those guys, they just hit an immigration center. Shot two guards and made off with a ton of seventh generation claim IDs.
Pree: Oh damn.
John: See that dude over there? He's Company. Get to cover before he does something stupid.
Pree: Too late.

Lucy: Warning. We seem to be caught in the rain's magnetic flux.
Dutch: Which means?
Lucy: We are being pulled into the event itself.

Pawter: I'll give you Grayson's location. I hope your team can use him to find Jaeger.
D'avin: Where is he?
Pawter: Somewhere I sincerely hope you don't end up.

Dr. Bliss: I was her assistant when the company first brought he over to the Quad.
Dutch: Not a good fit?
Dr. Bliss: Well, she had no vision. She was a total corporate whore. I told her there's a huge consumer need for this type of service. We could've cornered the market, but oh no she wanted to dance with the ones that brought her.
D'avin: So she stayed with the company and you stole her technique?
Dr. Bliss: No, I improved it. Jaeger just removed memories; I implant them.

John: Sex, drugs, meds and tech; everything illegal and freaky in the Quad is for sale in Utopia.
D'avin: So the doctor deals here?
Grayson: Yeah, we all call her Dr. Bliss. She sells a memory mod treatment. Really bad ass stuff.

Killjoys Season 1 Quotes

Dutch: Got any low level warrants I can knock out fast? Level 2s or 3s?
Bellus: Sure repos, transpos but shouldn't you concentrate on finishing your active warrant?
Dutch: What active warrant?
Bellus: The Level 5 warrant you signed on for twelve hours ago; one Kobee Andras.
Dutch: Bellus, Level 5s are kill work. I don't do those.

Dutch: Six years of working together, he's never wanted some 'me' time... Nah something's up.
Pree: Dutch, you work together, live together, do everything but sleep together and you're worried that he wants a little time apart. Bitch, how charming do you think you are?
Dutch: I know when Johnny's lying, Pree.