Nate: That is so fuckin' weak.
Ryan: I am a very weak man.
Nate: I thought you wanted a family.
Ryan: I want for nothing. I accept what comes my way.

Dominick: You are fuckin' wild.
Lisa: Dom.
Dominick: What?
Lisa: I'll see you tomorrow.
Dominick: Wow. Just like that?
Lisa: I think you had a pretty good time tonight.

Amy: Do you have any idea how fucking gross you are right now? I am disgusted right now, Jay. You have a fucking daughter!
Jay: Well, I know that because of the crying I hear for her fucking mother.
Amy: I am disgusted by you!

Christina: You're blowing it. What are you on? You on coke? Let me see your pockets.
Jay: Get our of my house.
Christina: You're scaring her.
Jay: This is not your house. I want you to leave.
Christina: No. [it gets ugly and awkward] OK.

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Christina: Are you sure you want to be in a relationship?
Nate: Why wouldn't I?
Christina: You've never done this before. I mean, you might not even know what kind of guy you like. Maybe you should go through a few of them before you settle down.

Nate and Ryan need one fuckin' voice in their Goddamned head. And that's mine, you understand that? You start contradicting the shit I say, you confuse my fighter. You confuse my fighter, we got a problem. Are we clear?


Alvey: I thought I made myself clear about Ryan.
Dominick: You absolutely did.
Alvey: What are you doing in the fucking cage?

Alvey: I had a dream about you.
Christina: What happened?
Alvey: You took the bullets out of my gun. It felt real.
Christina: Goodnight, Alvey.

Alvey: Are you going to the baptism?
Christina: I am. Are you?
Alvey: I think so.
Christina: Well, you probably should since you're the reason Jay thinks he's Catholic.
Alvey: [chuckles]: Be careful. God is listening.
Christina: Well, I just hope he's not watching.

Terry: Well?
Christina: She has a bruised cervix and some tearing.
Terry: How long's that gonna take?
Christina: Can you just be fuckin' decent? Just for once?

Amy: Why are you being so mean?
Jay: Because I don't need your unsatisfied depressing shit just hanging on my fucking head all the time. I'm sorry. This is the best I can do right now. You know, we were given a gift, but if you'd rather push our daughter around in a fuckin' wheelbarrow because that would be more real, then OK.

Alvey: How much? How much?
Lisa: I did the best I could and it's a million fucking dollars. [laughs] You, Alvey Kulina, are going to make a million fucking dollars to fight.
Alvey: Holy shit. Holy shit. Wow, wow, wow. Dumb money fuckin' pays.
Lisa: No, oil money fuckin' pays.

Kingdom Quotes

Garo: You want to know what's better than winning a trophy?
Alvey: A blow job.

Home Buyer: It's kind of a dump.
Jay: Well? Or...It's kind of the worst house on the best street. Only suckers buy turnkey!