Stabler: Ever heard of the Pareto Principle?
Bell: It's too early in the morning and I have not had my coffee.

Jet: The guy Lloyd hired to whack Phil was in the system. The only problem is, he has a rock-solid alibi.
Reyes: He was in prison the night of the murder.

Jet: Truck Nuts isn't as dumb as he looks.
Whalen: We got the money. All we need is a confession to robbery and murder.
Bell: If he's good for it.

Stabler: What did your husband like to do when he wasn't at work?
Emily: He was with us. Dance recitals, soccer games... he was a normal dad.

Stabler: You know what this is, don't you?
Bell: Staten Island, the Florida of New York.

Bell: I have to admit your rap sheet reads a bit like Tolstoy.
Ivan: Thank you.
Bell: That wasn't a compliment. It was long and repetitive.

Don't be mad. I went for a walk and now I don't know where I am.

Mama Stabler

Society drove us down here. They want to bury us and forget us. So we take what we need to survive.


You might be the police up there, but down here... I'm the Sheriff.


Veer: This property is sovereign Indian property and I have not invited you in.
Diya: Veer. He has to stay.

Bell: I have that court date today. Can't miss it.
Stabler: Jack's custody hearing?
Bell: If it ain't one thing, it's another.

Bell: You almost made me cry.
Stabler: What if I had?
Bell: I would have had to fire you.

Law & Order: Organized Crime Quotes

Mob Boss: Why am I here?
Stabler: You know why I'm dressed like this? I just buried my wife.

Criminal: Say I was able to get a message to Mrs. Sinatra. What would I tell her?
Stabler: What happened in Puglisia didn't stay in Puglisia