Benson: Thank you for coming forward.
Woman: What this company is doing, the way it treats women pilots, is despicable. But what you're doing... it's about damn time.

Barba: Logan carter raped two women, sexually harassed God knows how many. Optimum knew and they did nothing.
Benson: So what are you saying? Putting away one rapist pilot isn't enough?
Barba: No, it's not. The whole culture has to change.

It's got to stop. Tara was raped, Jeanne. She tried to get over it. She tried to do her job. But then she was put in the cockpit with the man who raped her. So yes, she lost control. She's gonna do prison time. Logan Carter may walk. My question to you is, can you live with yourself if that happens? Can you live with yourself if he does it again?


Benson: She has a right to be angry. I get it. Jurors don't like difficult women.
Barba: Especially female jurors.

Rollins: I used to think pilots were sexy. Silly me.
Barba: Let's hope the jury isn't blinded by the uniform.

Benson: The bartender at the Hyland says that you and Logan were having drinks and that you appeared to be having a good time.
Tara: Logan apologized for grounding me. He said he was having problems at home. I bought him a drink because I wanted to show him we were good.
Benson: A defense attorney will say this was consensual.
Tara: He walked me to my room. He kissed me on the lips. I slapped him, hard. He pushed his way in. He threw me on the bed. His hand was over my throat and I couldn't speak. He pulled my legs apart and he raped me. None of this was consensual.

It's a he said she said only he's a hero and she's a crazy woman who took a plane hostage.


Dodds: The woman had options. When she saw she was assigned with Carter, she could have turned around, decided not to fly.
Benson: Optimum Air knew Carter raped her and they put her in the cockpit with her.

Lieutenant, I believe Tara was raped. I do. But we're swimming upstream here.


Alexis: This is crazy. Those trips to Bangalore, I was with her. We went for my grandmother's 99th birthday. Three weeks later she died. We went back for the funeral. Why isn't anyone reporting that?
Rollins: Because terrorists make better news.

PR Guy: Terrorist or not, I'm not surprised that Tara lost it mid-air.
Benson: Why?
PR Guy: Because she'd been spiraling for months.
Benson: Then why would you ever put her on a plane?
PR Guy: I recommended she be grounded. But nobody would listen. They thought it would be bad for our image if we benched our only female pilot. But how's our image looking now?

Benson: Did Tara ever say or do anything to make you think she was a radical Muslim?
CEO: No, but what other explanation is there?

Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 11 Quotes

Woman: She's gonna kill us!
Man: She's an Arab. I saw her.

Benson: I think if Noah and I have to spend another day together, we'll both need straitjackets.
Dodds: How is the little guy?
Benson: He's great. He's stayed up past 10 o'clock every night this week and last night I let him finish an ice cream sundae while watching cartoons in my bed.
Dodds: And you?
Benson: I'm good, as long as I don't close my eyes.